An audience moderation app built on Twitter

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An audience moderation app built on Twitter

Ospriet is a moderation tool that allows for audiences to post and vote on questions/comments for talks, presentations, and events. The application is written in node.js, uses MongoDB for database storage, and is designed for deployment on nodejitsu.


Ospriet allows anyone with a Twitter account to submit a question or comment, by posting an @-reply to a Twitter account dedicated for an audience-oriented event. The submission will be reposted to the event's account, with attribution. Audience members can vote up the best submissions by favoriting the submissions on the event account. Ospriet will then keep track of all of the favorites and provide the top submissions. Ospriet provides one single, simple interface for all of this that audience members can use on most devices.

As an example, let's take the event account of @dftg and submit a question.

@dftg: What are your thoughts on Apple’s approach to design?

This tweet will be reposted by the application to @dftg as an @-reply to your submission, and look like this:

From @couch: What are your thoughts on Apple's approach to design?

Anyone can then favorite that reposted tweet, and see the top favorited submissions on the site.

You can view an example of the site powered by the application—used at a 2012 SXSW panel—at http://designfromthegut.com.

For more information on the origins of the application, read this post. The name 'Ospriet' comes from the Anglo-French term for the Osprey, a "sea hawk" known for hunting for fish in the sea.


Please refer to these wiki pages to download, customize, and deploy your own instance of Ospriet.





Main index view

Ospriet primary view

Presentation view for projector/screens

Ospriet presentation view

Responsive layout for mobile

Ospriet mobile view


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Bill Couch

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