package batch

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Type Members

  1. abstract class AbstractBatcher extends Batcher

    Abstract class to extend for easier java interop.

  2. class BatchID extends Ordered[BatchID] with Serializable

  3. trait Batcher extends Serializable

  4. final case class CalendarBatcher(unitCount: Int, calField: CalField) extends Batcher with Product with Serializable

    This batcher numbers batches based on a Calendar, not just milliseconds.

  5. class CombinedBatcher extends Batcher

    strictly before the beforeBound, we use the before Batcher.

  6. class MillisecondBatcher extends AbstractBatcher

    Batcher implementation based on a fixed-width batch of milliseconds.

  7. case class Milliseconds(toLong: Long) extends Ordered[Milliseconds] with Product with Serializable

  8. trait PrepareState[T] extends AnyRef

  9. trait PrunedSpace[-T] extends Serializable

  10. trait RunningState[T] extends AnyRef

  11. case class Timestamp(milliSinceEpoch: Long) extends Ordered[Timestamp] with Product with Serializable

  12. trait WaitingState[T] extends AnyRef

    Job state models the memory of when the next job should try to cover

  13. class WrappedHadoopConfig extends ReadableMap

Value Members

  1. object BatchConfig

  2. object BatchID extends Serializable

    The Batch is the fundamental work unit of the Hadoop portion of Summingbird.

  3. object Batcher extends Serializable

    For the purposes of batching, each Event object has exactly one Time (in millis).

  4. object CalendarBatcher extends Serializable

  5. object Milliseconds extends Serializable

  6. object PrunedSpace extends Serializable

  7. object Timestamp extends Serializable

  8. package option

  9. package state

  10. package store