package memory

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Type Members

  1. class ConcurrentMemory extends Platform[ConcurrentMemory] with DagOptimizer[ConcurrentMemory]

  2. trait ConcurrentMemoryPlan extends AnyRef

  3. class Memory extends Platform[Memory]

  4. class MemoryCounter extends AnyRef

    Mutable counter for the Memory platform

  5. trait MemoryService[-K, +V] extends AnyRef

  6. sealed trait PhysicalNode[-I] extends AnyRef

    This type is what we model the summingbird graphs into.

Value Members

  1. object ConcurrentMemory

  2. object ConcurrentMemoryPlan

  3. object Memory

  4. object NullPlan extends ConcurrentMemoryPlan

  5. object PhysicalNode

  6. package javaapi