package spark

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Type Members

  1. case class MergeResult[K, V](sumBeforeMerge: RDD[(Timestamp, (K, (Option[V], V)))], writeClosure: () ⇒ Unit) extends Product with Serializable

  2. trait PlatformPlanner[P <: Platform[P]] extends AnyRef

    The DAG handed to a platform by summingbird is a little hard to work with given that all the generic types have been erased.

  3. abstract class SimpleSparkStore[K, V] extends SparkStore[K, V]

  4. class SparkPlatform extends Platform[SparkPlatform] with PlatformPlanner[SparkPlatform]

    This is a first pass at an offline Platform that executes on apache spark.

  5. trait SparkService[K, LV] extends Serializable

  6. trait SparkSink[T] extends Serializable

  7. trait SparkSource[T] extends Serializable

  8. trait SparkStore[K, V] extends Serializable