package store

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Type Members

  1. class ClientStore[K, V] extends ReadableStore[K, V]

    The multiGet uses the "for" syntax internally to chain a bunch of computations from T => Future[U].

  2. class CompoundStore[K, V] extends Serializable

    Compound BatchStore and Mergeable, used for building a summingbird job.

  3. class SideEffectStore[K, V] extends MergeableStore[K, V]

    MergeableStore that triggers a side effect on every call to put or merge.

Value Members

  1. object ClientStore

    Summingbird ClientStore -- merges offline and online.

  2. object CompoundStore extends Serializable

  3. object MergeOperations

  4. object PresentingStore

    Returns a MergeableStore that augments a Summingbird "online store" with the ability to snapshot keys from the combined online/offline ClientStore into some third presenting store every time a key is touched.