package util

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Type Members

  1. trait Base64StringEncoder extends StringEncoder

  2. class BoundedStack [A] extends Seq[A]

    A "stack" with a bounded size.

  3. class Command [-T1] extends (T1) ⇒ Unit

    attributes: abstract
  4. trait Config [T] extends () ⇒ T

    A config object contains vars for configuring an object of type T, and an apply() method which turns this config into an object of type T.

  5. class CountDownLatch extends AnyRef

  6. class Duration extends TimeLike[Duration] with Ordered[Duration]

  7. class FactoryPool [A] extends Pool[A]

    attributes: abstract
  8. class Function [-T1, R] extends PartialFunction[T1, R]

    This class is for Java friendliness.

  9. class Function2 [-T1, -T2, R] extends (T1, T2) ⇒ R

    attributes: abstract
  10. class Future [+A] extends TryLike[A, Future]

    A computation evaluated asynchronously.

  11. trait FutureEventListener [T] extends AnyRef

    An alternative interface for handling Future Events.

  12. case class FuturePool (executor: ExecutorService) extends Product

  13. class FutureTask [A] extends Promise[A] with Runnable

  14. class JavaTimer extends Timer

  15. class LastWriteWinsQueue [A] extends Queue[A]

    An implementation of java.

  16. class Local [T] extends AnyRef

  17. trait Pool [A] extends AnyRef

  18. class Promise [A] extends Future[A]

    A concrete Future implementation that is updatable by some executor or event loop.

  19. class ReferenceCountedTimer extends Timer

  20. case class Return [+R] (r: R) extends Try[R] with Product

    attributes: final
  21. class RichU64ByteArray extends AnyRef

  22. class RichU64Long extends AnyRef

  23. class RichU64String extends AnyRef

  24. class RingBuffer [A] extends Seq[A]

  25. class SavedLocal [T] extends AnyRef

  26. class SavedLocals extends ArrayBuffer[com.twitter.util.SavedLocal[_]]

  27. class ScheduledThreadPoolTimer extends Timer

  28. trait SignalHandler extends AnyRef

  29. class SimplePool [A] extends Pool[A]

  30. trait StateMachine extends AnyRef

  31. class StorageUnit extends Ordered[StorageUnit]

  32. trait StringEncoder extends AnyRef

  33. class SunSignalHandler extends SignalHandler

  34. trait TempFolder extends AnyRef

    Test mixin that creates a new folder for a block of code to execute in.

  35. case class Throw [+R] (e: Throwable) extends Try[R] with Product

    attributes: final
  36. class Time extends TimeLike[Time] with Ordered[Time]

  37. trait TimeControl extends AnyRef

  38. class TimeFormat extends AnyRef

    A thread-safe wrapper around a SimpleDateFormat object.

  39. trait TimeLike [+This <: TimeLike[This]] extends AnyRef

  40. class TimeOverflowException extends Exception

  41. class TimeoutException extends Exception

  42. trait Timer extends AnyRef

  43. trait TimerTask extends AnyRef

  44. class Try [+R] extends TryLike[R, Try]

    attributes: sealed abstract
  45. trait TryLike [+R, This[+R] <: TryLike[R, This]] extends AnyRef

    This trait represents a computation that can succeed or fail.

Value Members

  1. object Duration extends AnyRef

  2. object Future extends AnyRef

  3. object FutureTask extends AnyRef

  4. object HandleSignal extends AnyRef

  5. object Locals extends AnyRef

  6. object Promise extends AnyRef

  7. object RandomSocket extends AnyRef

  8. object SignalHandlerFactory extends AnyRef

  9. object StateMachine extends AnyRef

  10. object StorageUnit extends AnyRef

  11. val StorageUnitConversions :

    definition classes: root
  12. object StreamHelper extends AnyRef

  13. object SunSignalHandler extends AnyRef

  14. object Time extends AnyRef

    Use in your app instead of System.currentTimeMillis, and unit tests will be able to adjust the current time to verify timeouts and other time-dependent behavior, without calling sleep.

  15. val TimeConversions : com.twitter.conversions.time.type

    definition classes: root
  16. object TimeMath extends AnyRef

    Checks for overflow

  17. object Try extends AnyRef

    The Try type represents a computation that may either result in an exception or return a success value.

  18. object U64 extends AnyRef

  19. package repository