Great Birdwatch notes follow the program’s values: They build understanding, are written in good faith, and are helpful even to those who disagree.

  1. “Whales aren’t real”

Here’s a Tweet making misleading claims about whales, followed by helpful and unhelpful Birdwatch notes:

Helpful Birdwatch note

Whales are indeed mammals. Marine mammals are able to “stay hydrated” because their kidneys have evolved to excrete more salt + reclaim more water than humans and many other mammals can. They also obtain water from their food. This is widely documented, for example in http://reputable…

  • Easy to understand
  • Directly addresses all of the Tweet’s claims
  • Cites high-quality source, which has robust information on the topic

Unhelpful Birdwatch note

Just another conspiracy theory from another terrible TV host.

  • Uses inflammatory language
  • Attacks author instead of addressing content of tweet
  • Does not provide additional information about central points made in tweet

  1. “Nutrition labels are lying”

Here’s a Tweet making misleading claims about nutrition labels, followed by helpful and unhelpful Birdwatch notes:

Helpful Birdwatch note

This Tweet is misleading and contains an honest error due to unit conversions. Lowercase c calories are not the same as uppercase C Calories. 1 Calorie = 1000 calories, so 100 Calories = 100k calories. An official table of energy units and conversions can be found here: http://reputable…

  • Explains a complex topic using clear language
  • Points out where the misleading info likely originated while being respectful to the author
  • Provides a link to reliable information

Unhelpful Birdwatch note

Did you not take high school chemistry???? This is literally the most basic unit conversion ever. I can’t believe you fell for something so simple. EVERYONE knows that!

  • Attacks author, instead of addressing the content of Tweet
  • Does not provide information about the points made in the Tweet
  • Does not include evidence to show why the Tweet may be misleading