Signing up

During the first phase of the pilot, Birdwatch is limited to a small test group in the US.

Our goal is to expand Birdwatch to the global Twitter community. We want anyone to be able to participate and know that the more diverse the community, the better Birdwatch will be at effectively addressing misinformation. We’ll draw on learnings from this initial test and, over time, scale safely.

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To participate in the pilot, accounts must have:

  • Verified phone and email

This makes it more likely that participants are real people instead of bots or adversary actors. Learn how to verify your email and phone number.

  • A trusted U.S.-based phone carrier

Intended to reduce the use of artificially created or virtual phone numbers

  • Two-factor authentication enabled

Intended to reduce the chance of malicious attempts to hijack participant’s accounts. Learn how to enable two-factor authentication.

  • No recent notice of Twitter Rules violations

Intended to reduce the likelihood of abusive contributions.

We want anyone to be able to contribute to Birdwatch, and may remove or modify some of these criteria as Birdwatch evolves and as we observe the community’s ability to promote high quality context that people find helpful.


The pilot will start small and grow over time. Our goal is to admit applicants on a rolling, periodic basis. We will admit all participants who meet the required criteria, but if we have more applicants than pilot slots, we will randomly admit accounts, prioritizing accounts that are likely to participate due to having been recently active on Twitter, and those that tend to follow and engage with different tweets than existing participants do — so as to reduce the likelihood that participants would be predominantly from one ideology, background, or interest space.

Contributions are public

To promote transparency, all contributions to Birdwatch are publicly visible on the Birdwatch site, even if an account’s Tweets are protected.


Contributions are also subject to Twitter Rules, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Failure to abide by the rules can result in removal from the Birdwatch pilot, and/or other remediations.

Anyone can report notes they believe aren’t in accordance with those rules by clicking or tapping the ••• menu on a note, and then selecting “Report”, or by using this form.