Rating notes

There are two ways to find Tweets with Birdwatch notes in order to rate their quality:

Rating notes on the Birdwatch site

Go to the Birdwatch Site’s Home page and choose any Tweet to see notes that contributors have added to it. There are three main timelines on this page:

  • Needs your help: Contains Tweets with notes where you can have the most impact when rating. This tab is only visible to Birdwatch contributors.

  • New: Contains Tweets with the most recent notes.

  • Rated Helpful: Contains Tweets with at least one note rated helpful by the community.

You can learn more about how Birdwatch chooses notes for each of these views on the Note Ranking page of the Guide.

Rating notes on Twitter

Birdwatch contributors and people in small test groups may also see cards to rate notes when browsing Twitter. You can tap to rate those notes.

Note statuses

All notes start with the status of Needs More Ratings.

If notes have received enough ratings from other contributors, and certain criteria are met — notes might reach the status of Helpful or Not Helpful.

When notes reach one of these two statuses, Birdwatch will also show the top two “reasons” selected by raters when rating that note.

Learn how Note ranking works under the hood.

Rating Impact

When your ratings help a note reach a status of Helpful or Not Helpful, you’ll earn Rating Impact. Learn more here