Birdwatch aims to provide context on Tweets in a way that a broad set of people with diverse perspectives find helpful. We ask that all Birdwatch contributors agree to uphold three core values:

  1. Contribute to build understanding

Birdwatch seeks to provide helpful context so people can stay better informed about Tweets they see. It’s not a place for quick dunks, personal opinions, or insults. Write clear, evidence-based notes to help everyone, even skeptics, better understand a Tweet and why it might be misleading.

  1. Act in good faith

Genuinely and constructively contribute to help others stay informed. Do not attempt to game or manipulate the system.

  1. Be helpful, even to those who disagree

Birdwatch aims to help all people better understand issues discussed in Tweets, including people who may hold different viewpoints. Contribute in a way that even those who may disagree with you might find helpful and respectful. Avoid hateful, derogatory, or inflammatory language.