Class HttpModule

  extended by
      extended by com.twitter.common.application.modules.HttpModule
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public class HttpModule
extends AbstractModule

Binding module for injections related to the HTTP server and the default set of servlets. This module uses a single command line argument 'http_port'. If unset, the HTTP server will be started on an ephemeral port. The default HTTP server includes several generic servlets that are useful for debugging. This class also offers several convenience methods for other modules to register HTTP servlets which will be included in the HTTP server configuration. Bindings provided by this module:

Bindings that may be overridden with an override module:

Nested Class Summary
static class HttpModule.HttpServerLauncher
Field Summary
protected static  HTTP_PORT
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void configure()
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public HttpModule()
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protected void configure()
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configure in class AbstractModule