Package com.twitter.common.application.modules

Interface Summary
LifecycleModule.ServiceRunner Responsible for starting and stopping a local service.

Class Summary
AppLauncherModule Binding module for the bare minimum requirements for the AppLauncher.
HttpModule Binding module for injections related to the HTTP server and the default set of servlets.
LifecycleModule Binding module for startup and shutdown controller and registries.
LocalServiceRegistry Registry for services that should be exported from the application.
LocalServiceRegistry.LocalService An individual local service.
LogModule Binding module for logging-related bindings, such as the log directory.
StatsExportModule Module to enable periodic exporting of registered stats to an external service.
StatsModule Binding module for injections related to the in-process stats system.
ThriftModule Binding module for thrift traffic monitor servlets, to ensure an empty set is available for the thrift traffic monitor servlet.

Exception Summary
LifecycleModule.LaunchException Thrown when a local service fails to launch.