Class Summary
AbortHandler A servlet that provides a way to remotely terminate the running process immediately.
AssetHandler Servlet that is responsible for serving an asset.
ContentionPrinter HTTP request handler that prints information about blocked threads.
HealthHandler A servlet that provides a crude mechanism for monitoring a service's health.
LogConfig Servlet that allows for dynamic adjustment of the logging configuration.
LogPrinter HTTP handler to page through log files.
QuitHandler A servlet that provides a way to remotely signal the process to initiate a clean shutdown sequence.
StringTemplateServlet A base class for servlets that render using the string template templating system.
TextResponseHandler A handler that responds to all requests in HTML format.
ThreadStackPrinter HTTP handler to print the stacks of all live threads.
ThriftServlet Servlet to display live information about registered thrift clients and servers.
TimeSeriesDataSource A servlet that implements the Google Visuaization Data Source API and provides time series data.
VarsHandler HTTP handler that prints all registered variables and their current values.
VarsJsonHandler A servlet that returns the current value of all variables in JSON format.

Annotation Types Summary
StringTemplateServlet.CacheTemplates A @BindingAnnotation that allows configuration of whether or not StringTemplateServlets should cache their templates.