Interface Summary
Connection<T,E> An interface to a connection resource that may become invalid.
ConnectionFactory<S extends Connection<?,?>> A factory for connections that also dictates policy for the size of the connection population.
DynamicHostSet<T> A host set that can be monitored for changes.
DynamicHostSet.HostChangeMonitor<T> An interface to an object that is interested in receiving notification whenever the host set changes.
ObjectPool<T> A generic object pool that provides object of a given type for exclusive use by the caller.

Class Summary
ConnectionPool<S extends Connection<?,?>> A generic connection pool that delegates growth policy to a ConnectionFactory and connection choice to a supplied strategy.
DynamicHostSetUtil Util Class for dealing with dynamic sets of hosts.
DynamicPool<H,T,E> An ObjectPool that maintains a set of connections for a set of service endpoints defined by a ServerSet.
MetaPool<T,E> A connection pool that picks connections from a set of backend pools.

Exception Summary