Class Thrift.ClientBuilder

  extended by com.twitter.common.thrift.Config.AbstractBuilder<Thrift.ClientBuilder>
      extended by com.twitter.common.thrift.Thrift.ClientBuilder
Enclosing class:

public final class Thrift.ClientBuilder
extends Config.AbstractBuilder<Thrift.ClientBuilder>

A builder class that allows modifications of call behavior to be made for a given Thrift client. Note that in the case of conflicting configuration calls, the last call wins. So, for example, the following sequence would result in all calls being subject to a 5 second global deadline: builder.blocking().withDeadline(5, TimeUnit.SECONDS).create()

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Method Summary
 T create()
          Creates a new client using the built up configuration changes.
protected  Thrift.ClientBuilder getThis()
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Method Detail


protected Thrift.ClientBuilder getThis()
Specified by:
getThis in class Config.AbstractBuilder<Thrift.ClientBuilder>


public T create()
Creates a new client using the built up configuration changes.