Package com.twitter.common.thrift

Class Summary
Config Represents the configuration for a thrift call.
Config.AbstractBuilder<T extends Config.AbstractBuilder>  
Thrift<T> A generic thrift client that handles reconnection in the case of protocol errors, automatic retries, call deadlines and call statistics tracking.
ThriftConnectionFactory A connection factory for thrift transport connections to a given host.
ThriftFactory<T> A utility that provides convenience methods to build common Thrifts.
ThriftServer Implementation of common functionality to satisfy the twitter ThriftService interface.
ThriftServer.ServerSetup Represents the server configuration variables needed to construct a TServer.
TTransportConnection A ConnectionPool compatible thrift connection that can work with any valid thrift transport.
Util Utility functions for thrift.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
ThriftException Exception class to wrap exceptions caught during thrift calls.