Package com.twitter.common.zookeeper

Interface Summary
Candidate Interface definition for becoming or querying for a ZooKeeper-based group leader.
Candidate.Leader Encapsulates a leader that can be elected and subsequently defeated.
DistributedLock DistributedLock
Group.GroupChangeListener An interface to an object that listens for changes to a group's membership.
Group.Membership Represents membership in a distributed group.
ServerSet A logical set of servers registered in ZooKeeper.
ServerSet.EndpointStatus A handle to a service endpoint's status data that allows updating it to track current events.
ZooKeeperClient.Credentials Encapsulates a user's credentials and has the ability to authenticate them through a ZooKeeper client.
ZooKeeperNode.NodeDeserializer<T> Interface for defining zookeeper node data deserialization.

Class Summary
CandidateImpl Implements leader election for small groups of candidates.
DistributedLockImpl Distributed locking via ZooKeeper.
Group This class exposes methods for joining and monitoring distributed groups.
Partitioner A distributed mechanism for eventually arriving at an evenly partitioned space of long values.
Partitioner.Partition Represents a slice of a partition group.
ServerSetImpl Implementation of ServerSet.
SingletonService A service that uses master election to only allow a single instance of the server to join the ServerSet at a time.
ZooKeeperClient Manages a connection to a ZooKeeper cluster.
ZooKeeperMap<V> A ZooKeeper backed Map.
ZooKeeperNode<T> An implementation of Supplier that offers a readonly view of a zookeeper data node.
ZooKeeperUtils Utilities for dealing with zoo keeper.

Exception Summary
Group.JoinException Indicates an error joining a group.
Group.UpdateException Indicates an error updating a group member's data.
Group.WatchException Indicates an error watching a group.
ServerSet.UpdateException Indicates an error updating a service's status information.