Notes shown on Twitter

Community Notes' goal is to show helpful context to people when they come across potentially misleading information on Twitter. When a note is rated Helpful by contributors, it starts being shown directly on the Tweet. During this pilot phase, only a limited group of people in the US can see these notes, but our goal is to eventually show them to everyone. Here’s how they show up:

If a Tweet has a note that earned a status of Helpful after being rated by enough contributors then the note will be shown in a card on the Tweet, along with a button to rate the note.

If the Tweet has multiple notes with a status of Helpful, the card randomly cycles between the notes at periodic intervals in order to gather additional rating inputs on each.

Notes that were written deeming the Tweet “not misleading” are only visible as additional information to raters, and are not shown as context with the Tweet, even if they earn the status of Helpful.

View counts

Community Notes contributors can see how many times a note has been viewed on Twitter. This number only appears after the first 1000 views, and only reflects the limited test group of people who can currently see notes. Contributors can expect the number of views on their notes to increase significantly as we expand the program to more people on Twitter.

Views began being counted mid-day May 3, 2022, so notes before then are very unlikely to show any counts, and certainly not accurate counts. Notes written on or after May 4, 2022 should show correct counts.

Increase the reach and impact of notes

Many Tweets are seen by most people who will see them in a matter of hours. Notes have the greatest visibility, and potential for impact, when:

  • They’re written soon after a Tweet was posted
  • They’re written on Tweets that have higher visibility
  • They quickly receive enough ratings from other contributors. As a contributor, you can help make this happen by rating notes on the “Needs your help” tab in the Community Notes Home.

Notes on Tweets only visible to contributors

If a Tweet has notes but none yet have earned a status of Helpful, the card will show the number of notes, and allow people to tap to read and rate those notes on the Community Notes site.

If all notes on a Tweet have reached a status of Not Helpful, no card will be shown. Community Notes contributors will still be able to access these notes via the Community Notes icon displayed in the Tweet details page.