Alerts when a note needs your help

Notes have the most impact when they get rated quickly and start showing on Tweets early. To ensure contributors don’t miss the opportunity to rate notes on Tweets getting a lot of attention, Community Notes sends alerts requesting help from time to time.

If you are a contributor, you’ll see these alerts in your notifications tab. They look like this:

Configuring your alerts

The default setting for all contributors is “Often”, which means you’ll start by getting a few alerts per week. You can change that frequency by visiting your Community Notes profile and tapping the gear icon on the top right, or by clicking the button below:

Open notification settings

How does Community Notes decide which notes trigger alerts for help?

Alerts are optimized to increase the chance that potentially helpful notes on Tweets with high predicted visibility get rated by enough people that they have the chance to earn a status of Helpful quickly. Here’s our current approach:

Tweets are chosen based on:

  • Projected future Likes and Retweets the Tweet will receive.
  • The rater can see the Tweet (for example, excludes Tweets from authors you’ve blocked)

Notes are chosen based on meeting some of the following:

  • Written by an author with high writing impact, or high average helpfulness score of notes they authored.
  • Currently have a status of “Needs More Ratings” (not already “Helpful”)
  • Currently have a high helpfulness score, nearing the threshold to earn status of “Helpful”
  • Do not already have a large number of ratings (such that more ratings could change the note’s status)

Notes are sent to a random selection of contributors, excluding the note author and those who have already rated the note. Notifications are also limited by the recipient’s notification frequency setting.

We will continue to experiment with this logic to help ensure Needs Your Help notifications feel high impact and satisfying for contributors.

Other notifications

Contributors also receive notifications with status updates about the notes they’ve written and rated. At this time these are not configurable, but we plan to add more controls in the future.