Timeline Tabs

Community Notes participants are able to view three different tabs on the Community Notes Home page. Each tab contains different sets of Tweets in different orders. In order to appear in any of these tabs, a Tweet must have received at least 100 total likes plus Retweets.


Contains Tweets sorted by reverse chronological order of when its latest note was written (Tweets are bumped to the top of the list when a new note is written on them).

Rated Helpful

Tweets in this tab have at least one note with the status of Helpful, at least one of those Helpful notes must have labeled the Tweet “misinformed or potentially misleading”. The Tweets that pass these filters are sorted reverse-chronologically by the timestamp of the Tweet’s first-created Helpful note.

Needs Your Help

This tab is only visible to pilot participants. It is designed to increase the likelihood that people from diverse perspectives rate each note, so that Community Notes can ultimately elevate notes that people from a wide range of perspectives will find helpful. It also gives contributors an easy way to have immediate impact.

It contains a set of 10 Tweets that have notes that need more ratings (although there may be fewer than 10 Tweets if one of the Tweets was recently deleted by the author, or if not enough Tweets have new notes that meet the criteria to appear in the NYH tab). Tweets in this tab are filtered to those that the contributor hasn’t rated any of the notes on, and Tweets with notes from the past day, unless no Tweets pass those filters for you (that will only happen if you’re a very active rater!). The tab is updated roughly every hour or two, so when the contributor has rated notes in the tab, they can come back later to see fresh Tweets.

Additionally, Community Notes offers a way for Tweet authors to request additional review on notes on their Tweets. If an author requests additional review, the relevant Tweet will appear in all contributors’ Needs Your Help tabs. If there are more than 10 active requests for additional review, Tweets will be sorted by by the ranking score described below, which incorporates the viewpoints of raters.

Rater similarity score for Needs Your Help

Tweets on the Needs Your Help tab are sorted by a ranking score, where Tweets are ranked higher based on the proportion of notes on the Tweet that are labeled Needs More Rating. Tweets are also ranked higher if they have notes with moderately high intercept scores (>=0.25) but which don’t have at least 3 raters with a similar viewpoint as yours (measured by whether your viewpoint factor is positive or negative). This is a mechanism to increase the likelihood that people from diverse perspectives rate each note.