Example Projects

Finatra includes a collection of example applications and servers.


For detailed information see the README.md within each example project. Every project builds with sbt and at least one example also uses Maven.

Building and Running

develop branch

If you want to build or run the examples from the develop branch (or a branch created from the develop branch) you will need to make sure to follow the instructions in the CONTRIBUTING.md documentation for building SNAPSHOT versions of the necessary Twitter OSS dependencies along with building Finatra itself.

You can use the Dodo project builder to accomplish this easily:

curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/twitter/dodo/develop/bin/build | bash -s -- --no-test --include finatra

This commands differs from the CONTRIBUTING.md documentation in that it will also include building and publishing Finatra locally from the Finatra develop branch.

master or a release branch

Follow the instructions in the project’s README.md for how to build or run the code.

More information

For more information please feel free to browse the examples source code (tests are an especially good source of information and examples).