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Pelikan is a cache framework written in C. It provides an expanding collection of cache services, and a common library, ccommon, used to build them.

Pelikan optimizes for high-throughput, low-latency data access in a datacenter-like environment. It adopts a highly modularized architecture, and is carefully implemented to achieve high-performance and reliability at scale. Its design captures much of the commonality among similar systems, such as Memcached, Redis and Twemproxy, and makes improving and iterating on such services easier and faster.


Currently Pelikan yields three production-ready products, all of which are backends/servers.

  • pelikan_twemcache: a Twemcache replacement
  • pelikan_slimcache: a Memcached-like server with ultra-low memory overhead- compared to Memcached/Redis, the per-key overhead is reduced by up to 90%
  • pelikan_pingserver: an over-engineered ping server useful as a tutorial and for measuring baseline RPC performance



Please take a look at our community manifesto and coding style guide.

To get a sense of where things are going next, please visit our Roadmap wiki.

If you want to submit a patch, please follow these steps:

  1. create a new issue
  2. fork on github & clone your fork
  3. create a feature branch on your fork
  4. push your feature branch
  5. create a pull request linked to the issue