package classpreloader

Type Members

  1. class ClassPreloader extends AnyRef

    Original credit to Sam Pullara:

    Original credit to Sam Pullara:

    Records classes that are loaded. Then loads them first the next time. This can dramatically decrease the initial hit on a first request to web service or other cases where things are loaded lazily it would be nice to precache them. It only loads the classes and does not run their static initializers. I try and skip most generated classes from Java and Guice.

    To create the agent jar: jar cmf util/util-class-preloader/src/main/java/com/twitter/class-preloader/manifest \ preload.jar -C util/util-class-preloader/target/classes/ .

    To use the agent jar: java -javaagent:/path/to/preload.jar=/tmp/classes.txt Main

    You can use this agent in combination with other agents. Just make sure that the other agents are first on the command line otherwise preload.jar will load all the classes before they get a chance to add their hook.