Below is a list of changes for each Util release.

Note that PHAB_ID=# and RB_ID=# correspond to associated messages in commits.



Bug Fixes

  • util-stat: MetricBuilder now uses a configurable metadataScopeSeparator to align more closely with the metrics.json api. Services with an overridden scopeSeparator will now see that reflected in metric_metadata.json where previously it was erroneously using / in all cases. PHAB_ID=D557994
  • util-slf4j-api: Better Java interop. Deprecate c.t.util.logging.Loggers as Java users should be able to use the c.t.util.logging.Logger companion object with less verbosity required. PHAB_ID=D558605


New Features

  • util-app: Seq/Tuple2/Map flags can now operate on booleans. For example, Flag[Seq[Boolean]] now works as expected instead of throwing an assert exception (previous behaviour). PHAB_ID=D549196

Breaking API Changes

  • util-app: Flaggable.mandatory now takes implicit ClassTag[T] as an argument. This is change is source-compatible in Scala but requires Java users to pass argument explicitly via ClassTag$.MODULE$.apply(clazz). PHAB_ID=D542135

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util: Bump version of Jackson to 2.11.2. PHAB_ID=D538440


New Features

  • util-mock: Introduce mockito-scala based mocking integration. Fix up and update mockito testing dependencies: - mockito-all:1.10.19 to mockito-core:3.3.3 - scalatestplus:mockito-1-10: to scalatestplus:mockito-3-2: PHAB_ID=D530995
  • util-app: Add support for flags of Java Enum types. PHAB_ID=D530205


New Features

  • util-stats: Store MetricSchemas in InMemoryStatsReceiver to enable further testing. PHAB_ID=D518195
  • util-core: c.t.u.Var.Observer is now public. This allows scala users to extend the Var trait as has been the case for Java users. PHAB_ID=D520237
  • util-core: Added two new methods to c.t.u.Duration and c.t.u.Time: .fromHours and .fromDays. PHAB_ID=D522734

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-app: Treat empty strings as empty collections in Flag[Seq[_]], Flag[Set[_]], Flag[java.util.List[_]], and Flag[java.util.Set[_]]. They were treated as collections with single element, empty string, before. PHAB_ID=D516724


New Features

  • util-app: Add ability to observe App lifecycle events. PHAB_ID=D508145


New Features

  • util-stats: Add two new Java-friendly methods to StatsReceiver (addGauge and provideGauge) that take java.util.function.Supplier as well as list vararg argument last to enable better developers’ experience. PHAB_ID=D497885
  • util-app: Add a Flaggable instance for java.time.LocalTime. PHAB_ID=D499606
  • util-app: Add two new methods to retrieve flag’s unparsed value (as string): Flag.getUnparsed and Flag.getWithDefaultUnparsed. PHAB_ID=D499628


New Features

  • util-security: Moved Credentials from util-core

    c.t.util.Credentials =>


Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Move Credentials to util-security

    c.t.util.Credentials =>


  • util-core: Change the namespace of ActivitySource and its derivatives to as its no longer considered experimental since the code has changed minimally in the past 5 years. PHAB_ID=D478498


New Features

  • util-tunable: ConfigurationLinter accepts a relative path. PHAB_ID=D468528

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util: Bump jackson version to 2.11.0. PHAB_ID=D457496


New Features

  • util-core: When looking to add idempotent close behavior, users should mix in CloseOnce to classes which already extend (or implement) Closable, as mixing in ClosableOnce leads to compiler errors. ClosableOnce.of can still be used to create a ClosableOnce proxy of an already instantiated Closable. Classes which do not extend Closable can still mix in ClosableOnce. PHAB_ID=D455819

Breaking API Changes

  • util-hashing: Rename

    c.t.hashing.KetamaNode => HashNode, c.t.hashing.KetamaDistributor => ConsistentHashingDistributor.


Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-stats: Provide CachedRegex, a function that filters a Map[String, Number] => Map[String, Number] and caches which keys to filter on based on a regex. Useful for filtering down metrics in the style that Finagle typically recommends PHAB_ID=D459391.


Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: The system property com.twitter.util.UseLocalInInterruptible no longer can be used to modulate which Local state is present when a Promise is interrupted. PHAB_ID=D442444

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core: Promises now exclusively use the state local to setting the interrupt handler when raising on a Promise. PHAB_ID=D442444


New Features

  • util-app: Add to be able to provide better Java ergonomics for designating a final exit function. PHAB_ID=D433874
  • util-core: Add to conveniently concatenate a collection of Reader to a single Reader. PHAB_ID=D434448

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Future.unapply has been removed. Use Future.poll to retrieve Future’s state. PHAB_ID=D427429

Bug Fixes

  • util-logging: Add a missing _* that could result in exceptions when using the Logger.apply(Level, Throwable, String, Any*) signature. PHAB_ID=D430122


No Changes


New Features

  • util-stats: Introduces c.t.f.stats.LazyStatsReceiver which ensures that counters and histograms don’t export metrics until after they have been incr`ed or `add`ed at least once. ``PHAB_ID=D398898`
  • util-core: Introduce Time#nowNanoPrecision to produce nanosecond resolution timestamps in JDK9 or later. PHAB_ID=D400661
  • util-core: Introduce Future#toCompletableFuture, which derives a CompletableFuture from a com.twitter.util.Future to make integrating with Java APIs simpler. PHAB_ID=D408656

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util: Upgrade to jackson 2.9.10 and jackson-databind PHAB_ID=D410846

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: The lightly used com.twitter.util.JavaSingleton trait has been removed. It did not work as intended. Users should provide Java friendly objects, classes, and methods instead. PHAB_ID=D399947


  • util-test: The c.t.logging.TestLogging mixin has been deprecated. Users are encouraged to move to slf4j for logging and minimize dependencies on com.twitter.logging in general, as it is intended to be replaced entirely by slf4j. PHAB_ID=D403574

Bug Fixes

  • util-core: Future#toJavaFuture incorrectly threw the exception responsible for failing it, instead of a j.u.c.ExecutionException wrapping the exception responsible for failing it. PHAB_ID=D408656


New Features

  • util: Add initial support for JDK 11 compatibility. PHAB_ID=D365075
  • util-core: Created public method Closable.stopCollectClosablesThread that stops CollectClosables

thread. PHAB_ID=D382800

  • util-core: Introduced Reader.fromIterator to create a Reader from an iterator. It is not

recommended to call after creating a Reader from it. Doing so will affect the behavior of because it will skip the value returned from PHAB_ID=D391769

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util: Upgrade to caffeine 2.8.0 PHAB_ID=D384592
  • util-jvm: Stop double-exporting postGC stats under both jvm and jvm/mem. These are now only exported under jvm/mem/postGC. PHAB_ID=D392230

Breaking API Changes

  • util-stats: abstract methods of StatsReceiver now take Schemas. The old APIs are now final and cannot be overriden. For custom implementations, define schema based methods (eg, counter(verbosity, name) is now counter(CounterSchema)). NB: users can continue to call the old interface; only implementors must migrate.``PHAB_ID=D385068``
  • util-core: Removed (was Reader.copyMany). Use AsyncStream.foreachF link to Pipe.copy for substitution. PHAB_ID=D396590
  • util-core: Add to consume a Reader[Buf] and concat values to a Buf. Replace with Reader.readAllItems, the new API consumes a generic Reader[T], and return a Seq of items. PHAB_ID=D391346
  • util-core: Moved to, and Reader.framed to BufReader.framed. PHAB_ID=D392198
  • util-core: Moved to, and Reader.copyMany to Pipe.copyMany. PHAB_ID=D393650


  • util-core: Mark,,, and as Deprecated. These classes will no longer be needed, and will be removed, after 2.11 support is dropped. PHAB_ID=D393913
  • util-stats: Removed deprecated methods stat0 and counter0 from StatsReceiver. PHAB_ID=D393063


Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core: When a computation from FuturePool is interrupted, its promise is set to the interrupt, wrapped in a j.u.c.CancellationException. This wrapper was introduced because, all interrupts were once CancellationExceptions. In RB_ID=98612, this changed to allow the user to raise specific exceptions as interrupts, and in the aid of compatibility, we wrapped this raised exception in a CancellationException. This change removes the wrapper and fails the promise directly with the raised exception. This will affect users that explicitly handle CancellationException. PHAB_ID=D371872

Bug Fixes

  • util-core: Fixed bug in where if the framer didn’t emit a List the emitted frames were skipped. PHAB_ID=D378048
  • util-hashing: Fix a bug where partitionIdForHash was returning incosistent values w.r.t entryForHash in KetamaDistributor. PHAB_ID=D381128


Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-app: Better handling of exceptions when awaiting on the to close at the end of the main function. We Await.ready on this as the last step of App#nonExitingMain which can potentially throw a TimeoutException which was previously unhandled. We have updated the logic to ensure that TimeoutException`s are handled accordingly. ``PHAB_ID=D356846`
  • util: Upgrade to Scala Collections Compat 2.1.2. PHAB_ID=D364013

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: BoundedStack is unused and really old code. Delete it. PHAB_ID=D357338
  • util-logging: com.twitter.logging.ScribeHandler and com.twitter.logging.ScribeHandlers have been removed. Users are encouraged to use slf4j for logging. However, if a util-logging integrated ScribeHandler is still required, users can either build their own Finagle-based scribe client as in ScribeRawZipkinTracer in finagle-zipkin-scribe, or copy the old ScribeHandler implementation directly into their code. PHAB_ID=D357008


New Features

  • util: Enables cross-build for 2.13.0. PHAB_ID=D333021

Java Compatibility

  • util-stats: In c.t.finagle.stats.AbstractStatsReceiver, the counter, stat and addGauge become final, override counterImpl, statImpl and addGaugeImpl instead. PHAB_ID=D333021
  • util-core:
    c.t.concurrent.Offer.choose, c.t.concurrent.AsyncStream.apply, c.t.util.Await.all, c.t.util.Closable.sequence become available to java for passing varargs. PHAB_ID=D333021
  • util-stats:
    c.t.finagle.stats.StatsReceiver.provideGauge and addGauge become available to java for passing varags. PHAB_ID=D333021

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: (not breaking) c.t.util.Future.join and c.t.util.Future.collect now take Iterable[Future[A]] other than Seq. PHAB_ID=D333021
  • util-core: Revert the change above, in c.t.util.Future, collect, collectToTry and join take scala.collection.Seq[Future[A]]. PHAB_ID=D355403
  • util-core: com.twitter.util.Event#build now builds a Seq of events. Event#buildAny builds against any collection of events. PHAB_ID=D333021


Breaking API Changes

  • util-logging: The namespace forwarders for Level and Policy in com.twitter.logging.config have been removed. Code should be updated to use com.twitter.logging.Level and com.twitter.logging.Policy where necessary. Users are encouraged to use ‘util-slf4j-api’ though where possible. PHAB_ID=D344439
  • util-logging: The deprecated com.twitter.logging.config.LoggerConfig and associated classes have been removed. These have been deprecated since 2012. Code should be updated to use com.twitter.logging.LoggerFactory where necessary. Users are encouraged to use ‘util-slf4j-api’ though where possible. PHAB_ID=D345381

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util: Upgrade to Jackson 2.9.9. PHAB_ID=D345969
  • util-app: It is now illegal to define GlobalFlags enclosed in package objects. PHAB_ID=D353045


Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Removed deprecated c.t.concurrent.Scheduler methods usrTime, cpuTime, and wallTime. These were deprecated in 2015 and have no replacement. PHAB_ID=D330386
  • util-core: Removed deprecated com.twitter.logging.config classes SyslogFormatterConfig, ThrottledHandlerConfig, SyslogHandlerConfig. These were deprecated in 2012 and have no replacement. Users are encouraged to use ‘util-slf4j-api’ where possible. PHAB_ID=D339563

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core: Remove experimental toggle com.twitter.util.BypassScheduler used for speeding up (transformTry). Now, we always run map operations immediately instead of via the Scheduler, where they may be queued and potentially reordered. PHAB_ID=D338487


Bug Fixes

  • util-core: Fixed the behavior in where reading from Reader#empty fails to return a ReaderDiscardedException after it’s discarded. PHAB_ID=D325465

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core: Use Local at callback creation for Future’s interrupt handler rather than raiser’s locals so that it is consistent with other callbacks. This functionality is currently disabled and can be enabled by a toggle (com.twitter.util.UseLocalInInterruptible) by setting it to 1.0 if you would like to try it out. PHAB_ID=D324315


No Changes


New Features

  • util-app: Track the registration of duplicated Flag names. Currently, we print a warning to stderr but do not track the duplicated Flag names. Tracking them allows us to inspect and warn over the entire set. PHAB_ID=D314410


New Features

  • util-app: Improve usage of Flag.let by providing a Flag.letParse method PHAB_ID=D288549


New Features

  • util-core: Discard parent reader from Reader.flatten when child reader encounters an exception. PHAB_ID=D281830
  • util-core: Added c.t.conversions.StringOps#toSnakeCase,toCamelCase,toPascalCase implementations. PHAB_ID=D280886


New Features

  • util-core: updated Reader#fromFuture to resolve its onClose when reading of end-of-stream. PHAB_ID=D269413
  • util-core: Added Reader.flatten to flatten a Reader[Reader[_]] to Reader[_], and Reader.fromSeq to create a new Reader from a Seq. PHAB_ID=D255424
  • util-core: Added Duration.fromMinutes to return a Duration from a given number of minutes. PHAB_ID=D259795
  • util-core: If given a Timer upon construction, will respect the close deadline and wait the given amount of time for any pending writes to be read. PHAB_ID=D229728
  • util-core: Optimized ConstFuture.proxyTo which brings the performance of flatMap and transform of a ConstFuture in line with map. PHAB_ID=D271358
  • util-core: Experimental toggle (com.twitter.util.BypassScheduler) for speeding up (transformTry). The mechanism, when turned on, runs map operations immediately (why not when we have a concrete value), instead of via the Scheduler, where it may be queued and potentially reordered, e.g.: f.flatMap { _ => println(1); { _ => println(2) }; println(3) } will print 1 2 3, where it would have printed 1 3 2. PHAB_ID=D271962
  • util-security: Pkcs8KeyManagerFactory now supports a certificates file which contains multiple certificates that are part of the same certificate chain. PHAB_ID=D263190

Bug Fixes

  • util-core: Fixed the behavior in where Reader#flatMap fails to propagate parent reader’s onClose. PHAB_ID=D269413

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core: Closing a will notify onClose when the deadline has passed whereas before the pipe would wait indefinitely for a read before transitioning to the Closed state. PHAB_ID=D229728

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Remove c.t.u.CountDownLatch which is an extremely thin shim around j.u.c.CountDownLatch that provides pretty limited value. To migrate to j.u.c.CountDownLatch, instead of c.t.u.CountDownLatch#await(Duration), please use j.u.c.CountDownLatch#await(int, TimeUnit), and instead of c.t.u.CountDownLatch#within(Duration), please throw an exception yourself after awaiting. PHAB_ID=D269404
  • util-core: Deprecated conversions in c.t.conversions have new implementations that follow a naming scheme of SomethingOps. PHAB_ID=D272206
    • percent is now PercentOps
    • storage is now StorageUnitOps
    • string is now StringOps
    • thread is now ThreadOps
    • time is now DurationOps
    • u64 is now U64Ops
  • util-collection: Delete util-collection. We deleted GenerationalQueue, MapToSetAdapter, and ImmutableLRU, because we found that they were of little utility. We deleted LruMap because it was a very thin shim around a j.u.LinkedHashMap, where you override removeEldestEntry. If you need SynchronizedLruMap, you can wrap your LinkedHashMap with j.u.Collection.synchronizedMap. We moved RecordSchema into finagle-base-http because it was basically only used for HTTP messages, so its new package name is c.t.f.http.collection. PHAB_ID=D270548
  • util-core: Rename BlacklistStatsReceiver to DenylistStatsReceiver. PHAB_ID=D270526
  • util-core: Buf.Composite is now private. Program against more generic, Buf interface instead. PHAB_ID=D270916


New Features

  • util-core: Added to transform Reader[A] to Reader[B]. Added fromFuture() and value() in the Reader object to construct a new Reader. PHAB_ID=D252165

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: The implicit conversions classes in c.t.conversions.SomethingOps have been renamed to have unique names. This allows them to be used together with wildcard imports. See Github issue ( PHAB_ID=D252462
  • util-core: Both and were removed. Build your own instance should you need to. PHAB_ID=D256615


New Features

  • util-core: Provide a way to listen for stream termination to c.t.util.Reader, Reader#onClose which is satisfied when the stream is discarded or read until the end. PHAB_ID=D236311
  • util-core: Conversions in c.t.conversions have new implementations that follow a naming scheme of SomethingOps. Where possible the implementations are AnyVal based avoiding allocations for the common usage pattern. PHAB_ID=D249403
    • percent is now PercentOps
    • storage is now StorageUnitOps
    • string is now StringOps
    • thread is now ThreadOps
    • time is now DurationOps
    • u64 is now U64Ops

Bug Fixes

  • util-core: Fixed a bug where tail would sometimes return Some empty AsyncStream instead of None. PHAB_ID=D241513


  • util-core: Conversions in c.t.conversions have been deprecated in favor of SomethingOps versions. Where possible the implementations are AnyVal based and use implicit classes instead of implicit conversions. PHAB_ID=D249403
    • percent is now PercentOps
    • storage is now StorageUnitOps
    • string is now StringOps
    • thread is now ThreadOps
    • time is now DurationOps
    • u64 is now U64Ops

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Experimental utilities were removed. PHAB_ID=D240944
  • util-core: Deleted, which was incompatible with Reader#onClose semantics.[Nothing] is a drop-in replacement. PHAB_ID=D236311
  • util-core: Removed c.t.util.U64 bits. Use c.t.converters.u64._ instead. PHAB_ID=D244723


Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: c.t.u.Future.raiseWithin methods now take the timeout exception as a call-by-name parameter instead of a strict exception. While Scala programs should compile as usual, Java users will need to use a scala.Function0 as the second parameter. The helper c.t.u.Function.func0 can be helpful. PHAB_ID=D229559
  • util-core: Rename to PHAB_ID=D231969

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core: Made Stopwatch.timeNanos monotone. PHAB_ID=D236629


Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: and c.t.Reader.writable() are removed. Use instead. PHAB_ID=D226603
  • util-core: c.t.util.TempFolder has been moved to PHAB_ID=D226940
  • util-core: Removed the forwarding types c.t.util.TimeConversions and c.t.util.StorageUnitConversions. Use c.t.conversions.time and directly. PHAB_ID=D227363
  • util-core: c.t.concurrent.AsyncStream.fromReader has been moved to PHAB_ID=D228277
  • util-core: no longer takes n, the maximum number of bytes to read off a stream. PHAB_ID=D228385

New Features

  • util-core: (BufReader),, (InputStreamReader) now take an additional parameter, chunkSize, the upper bound of the number of bytes that a given reader emits at each read. PHAB_ID=D203154

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core: c.t.u.Duration.inTimeUnit can now return j.u.c.TimeUnit.MINUTES. PHAB_ID=D225115


Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: now extends c.t.util.Closable. is no longer exist. PHAB_ID=D218453
  • util-core: Add onClose into, it exposes a Future that is satisfied when the stream is closed. PHAB_ID=D226319

Bug Fixes

  • util-slf4j-api: Moved slf4j-simple dependency to be a ‘test’ dependency, instead of a compile dependency, which was inaccurate. PHAB_ID=D220718

New Features

  • util-core: Added a contramap function into, Writer is now a contravariant functor. Added the AbstractWriter for Java compatibility PHAB_ID=D225686


New Features

  • util-logging: New way to construct ScribeHandler for java interoperability. PHAB_ID=D208928
  • util-core: Added Reader#fromAsyncStream for consuming an AsyncStream as a Reader. PHAB_ID=D202334
  • util-core: Introducing Reader.chunked that chunks the output of a given reader. PHAB_ID=D206676
  • util-core: Added Reader#framed for consuming data framed by a user supplied function. PHAB_ID=D212396
  • util-security: Add NullSslSession related objects for use with non-existent SSLSession`s. ``PHAB_ID=D201421`
  • util-tunable: Introducing Tunable.asVar that allows observing changes to tunables. PHAB_ID=D211622

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: and are now abstracted over the type they produce/consume (Reader[A] and Writer[A]) and are no longer fixed to Buf. PHAB_ID=D195638

  • util-core: InMemoryStatsReceiver now eagerly creates the mappings for Counters and Stats instead of waiting for the first call to Counter.incr and Stat.add. PHAB_ID=D205760

  • util-core: is now Both Writable type and its factory method are deprecated; use new Pipe[A] instead. PHAB_ID=D199536

  • util-slf4j-api: Ensure that marker information is used when determining if log level is enabled for methods which support markers. PHAB_ID=D202387

  • util-slfj4-api: Finalize the underlying logger def in the Logging trait as it is not expected that this be overridable. If users wish to change how the underlying logger is constructed they should simply use the Logger and its methods directly rather than configuring the the underlying logger of the Logging trait.

    Add better Java compatibility for constructing a Logger. PHAB_ID=D204330


Bug Fixes

  • util-core: Fixed an issue with Future.joinWith where it waits for completion of both futures even if one has failed. This also affects the join method, which is implemented in terms of joinWith. PHAB_ID=D191342


Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Local.Context used to be a type alias for Array[Option[_]], now it is a new key-value liked structure. PHAB_ID=D182478


Breaking API Changes

  • util-app: Allow users a way to override the argument parsing behavior in which was inlined. Users can override parseArgs to define custom behavior. PHAB_ID=D181660
  • util-core: Removed c.t.u.NonFatal, use scala.util.control.NonFatal instead. PHAB_ID=D181918
  • util-class-preloader: This library has been removed since it deprecated. We no longer recommend that people do this. PHAB_ID=D174250

Bug Fixes

  • util-app: Fix issue where in some environments, URLClassLoader#getURLs can return null, failing LoadService from initializing properly (see: The URLClassLoader javadoc is not clear if a null can be returned when calling URLClassLoader#getURLs and for at least one application server, the default returned is null, thus we should be more resilient against this possibility. Fixes Finagle #695. PHAB_ID=D181152


  • util-reflect: This library has been deprecated since it is legacy code and shouldn’t be used for new services. We no longer think this facility is the right way to do it and encourage you to provide your own forwarders. PHAB_ID=D174250

New Features

  • util-app: added #suppressGracefulShutdownErrors method to optionally suppress exceptions during graceful shutdown from bubbling up. PHAB_ID=D176970


Bug Fixes

  • util-core: c.t.concurrent.AsyncSemaphore no longer completes promises while holding its intrinsic lock. PHAB_ID=D167434
  • util-logging: Fix incorrect loggerName in c.t.logging.ScribeHandler which prevented the short-circuiting of publishing messages emitted from the ScribeHandler. PHAB_ID=D161552
  • util-hashing: Add murmur3, a fast, non-cryptographic hashing function that is missing from hashing. PHAB_ID=D164915


New Features

  • util-app: Add the ability to bind specific implementations for LoadService.apply via App.loadServiceBindings. PHAB_ID=D146554
  • util-core: Introduce the ClosableOnce trait which extends the guarantees of Closable to include idempotency of the close method. PHAB_ID=D152000

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-app: Add visibility for NonFatal exceptions during exiting of Added visibility into any NonFatal exceptions which occur during the closing of resources during App#close. PHAB_ID=D146029

  • util-core: Ensure the Awaitable.CloseAwaitably0.closeAwaitably Future returns. Because the closed AtomicBoolean is flipped, we want to make sure that executing the passed in f function satisfies the onClose Promise even the cases of thrown exceptions. PHAB_ID=D146565

  • util-stats: Alphabetically sort stats printed to the given PrintStream in the c.t.finagle.stats.InMemoryStatsReceiver#print(PrintStream) function.

    To include stats headers which provide better visual separation for the different types of stats being printedm, set includeHeaders to true. E.g., ` InMemoryStatsReceiver#print(PrintStream, includeHeaders = true) ` PHAB_ID=D144091


Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-app: Ensure that any flag parsing error reason is written to System.err before attempting to print flag usage. In the event that collecting flags for the printing the usage message fails, users will still receive a useful message as to why flag parsing failed. PHAB_ID=D137629
  • util-core: Promises/Futures now use LIFO execution order for their callbacks (was depth-based algorithm before). PHAB_ID=D135407
  • util-core: Wrap the function passed to Closable.make in a try/catch and return a Future.exception over any NonFatal exception. PHAB_ID=D142086


  • util-core: RichU64* APIs are deprecated. Use Java 8 Unsigned Long API instead: PHAB_ID=D137893
    • new RichU64String(“123”).toU64Long -> Long.parseUnsignedInt
    • new RichU64Long(123L).toU64HexString -> Long.toHexString (no leading zeros)


New Features

  • util-core: Added implicit conversion for percentage specified as “x.percent” to a fractional Double in c.t.conversions.percent. PHAB_ID=D128792
  • util-tunable: Add deserializer for c.t.u.StorageUnit to JsonTunableMapper PHAB_ID=D132368

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-app: When c.t.a.App.exitOnError is called, it now gives close an opportunity to clean up resources before exiting with an error. PHAB_ID=D129437


New Features

  • util-security: Added for reading Certificate Revocation List PEM formatted X509CRL files. PHAB_ID=D127700


Breaking API Changes

  • util-collection: c.t.util.SetMaker has been removed. Direct usage of Guava is recommended if needed. PHAB_ID=D116852



  • Guava has been removed as dependency from all modules except the ‘util-cache-guava’ module. PHAB_ID=D117039

New Features

  • util-security: Added for reading PKCS#8 PEM formatted PrivateKey files. PHAB_ID=D105266

Bug Fixes

  • util-core: will only represent bytes explicitly written instead of the full size of the backing array, size. PHAB_ID=D112938

Breaking API Changes

  • util-cache: The Guava dependency and its associated implementations have been moved to a new module, ‘util-cache-guava’. PHAB_ID=D117039
  • util-cache: c.t.cache.EvictingCache.lazily now takes a FutureCache instead of an implementation specific cache. PHAB_ID=D117039


Release Version Changes:

  • From now on, release versions will be based on release date in the format of YY.MM.x where x is a patch number. PHAB_ID=D101244

New Features

  • util-intellij: Create util-intellij project and publish IntelliJ capture points plugin for debugging asynchronous stack traces of code using Twitter Futures in Scala 2.11.11. PHAB_ID=D96782

Breaking API Changes

  • util-app: and letClear are now generic in their return type. PHAB_ID=D93951

Bug Fixes

  • util-core: Fix Buf.ByteArray.Shared.apply(bytes,begin,end) constructor function. PHAB_ID=D100648

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core:[Owned.Shared](Array[Byte], begin, end) now validates its input arguments. PHAB_ID=D100648
  • util-jvm: The jvm/mem/postGC/{poolName}/max metric has been removed because it is the same as the jvm/mem/current/{poolName}/max metric. PHAB_ID=D95291
  • util-security: Assert validity of X.509 certificates when read from a file. Attempting to read a will now assert that the certificate is valid, i.e., if the current date and time are within the validity period given in the certificate. PHAB_ID=D88745

7.1.0 2017-09-06

Breaking API Changes

  • util-events: Module has been removed. PHAB_ID=D82346
  • util-lint: Add GlobalRules#withRules for testing. Allow for the ability to specify a global rules set for use in testing. PHAB_ID=D83506

7.0.0 2017-08-15

New Features

  • util-core: Added c.t.util.SlowProbeProxyTimer for monitoring the duration of execution for timer tasks. PHAB_ID=D70279
  • util-core: Introduced RootMonitor#set to set custom Monitor to RootMonitor. PHAB_ID=D70876
  • util-jvm: JvmStats has been moved here from TwitterServer allowing broader access to many metrics including GC, allocations, memory, and more. PHAB_ID=D80883
  • util-stats: Introducing Verbosity Levels for StatsReceivers (see docs on StatsReceiver for more info). PHAB_ID=D70112
  • util-tunable: c.t.u.tunable.Tunable, c.t.u.tunable.TunableMap, c.t.u.tunable.JsonTunableMapper, and c.t.u.tunable.ServiceLoadedTunableMap are now public. This allows users to create and use Tunables, a mechanism for accessing dynamically configured values. See for details on how these can be used in Finagle. PHAB_ID=D80751.

Bug Fixes

  • util-core: Fix some consistency issues with c.t.util.ByteReaderImpl. Advance its cursor by the number of bytes consumed via readBytes(Int), not the number specified as a method argument. readString will now throw an UnderflowException if the number of bytes specified exceeds the remaining buffer length instead of silently making due with the rest of the buffer’s contents. PHAB_ID=D78301

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core: c.t.util.Closable.sequence now continues processing the Closables should any of their closes result in a failed Future and will return the first failure. Synchronous exceptions are now handled by lifting them into failed Futures. PHAB_ID=D62418
  • util-events: now defaults to false in preparation for removal in an upcoming release. PHAB_ID=D64437

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: ByteWriter has been transformed into a true trait which can now be implemented outside of the package. PHAB_ID=D59996
  • util-core: The method ByteWriter.owned() has been moved to a sub trait, BufByteWriter, to separate the notion of the target buffer representation from the writer methods in order to make it easier to target different buffer representations. PHAB_ID=D61215
  • util-stats: PHAB_ID=D59762
  • ProxyStatsReceiver.self is now protected (was public before).
  • StatsReceiver.repr is now def (was val before).
  • util-stats: Counter#add now takes a Long instead of an Integer as an argument. PHAB_ID=D69064
  • util-stats: StatsReceiver#counter, StatsReceiver#stat, and StatsReceiver.addGauge now may optionally take c.t.f.stats.Verbosity as a first argument. PHAB_ID=D70112


  • util-events: This module is deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming release. PHAB_ID=D64437
  • util-stats: PHAB_ID=D62611
    • StatsReceiver.counter0 is deprecated in favour of vararg StatsReceiver.counter
    • StatsReceiver.stat0 is deprecated in favour of vararg StatsReceiver.stat

6.45.0 2017-06-06

New Features

  • util-app: Optional resource shutdown sequencing for registered closables via See longer note there for usage. RB_ID=916120
  • util-core: Added writeBytes(Buf) to the ByteWriter abstract class to allow for efficient writing of the type. RB_ID=917094
  • util-core: Added writeString(CharSequence, Charset) and readString(Int, Charset)` to ByteWriter and ByteReader respectively to facilitate for more efficient String encoding and decoding. PHAB_ID=D63987
  • util-core: Added ByteReader.readUnsignedLongBE and ByteReader.readUnsignedLongLE. RB_ID=917289

Breaking API Changes

  • util-collection: Removed deprecated c.t.u.JMapWrapper. Use scala.collection.JavaConverters instead. RB_ID=915544

  • util-core: ByteReader extends the AutoClosable interface to provide a notion of resource management. Users should ensure that instances of the ByteReader interface are closed after they are no longer needed. RB_ID=916086

  • util-core: Removed deprecated methods from c.t.u.Future:
    • rawException; use exception instead
    • cancel; use raise instead

    Removed deprecated; use instead. Remove deprecated flatten method on c.t.u.Future; use Futures.flatten instead. RB_ID=915500

  • util-core: Removed deprecated c.t.u.LongOverflowException. Use java.lang.ArithmeticException instead. Removed deprecated c.t.u.LongOverflowArith and all methods on it: - add; use Java 8’s Math.addExact instead - sub; use Java 8’s Math.subtractExact instead - mul; use Java 8’s Math.multiplyExact instead RB_ID=915545

  • util-core: Removed deprecated c.t.concurrent.exp.AsyncStream. Use c.t.concurrent.AsyncStream instead. RB_ID=916422

  • util-eval: Removed from the project. RB_ID=915430

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core: All Timers now handle negative or undefined times/durations in uniform way: treat them as zeros (i.e., Time.epoch, Duration.Zero). RB_ID=916008

6.43.0 2017-04-20

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core: Closable.all(..) will now catch synchronous exceptions thrown by any Closable.close(..) invocations, and wrap them in a failed Future. RB_ID=914859
  • util-stats: InMemoryStatsReceiver’s gauges member is now safe for concurrent iteration but now holds strong references to gauge instances. RB_ID=911951

New Features

  • util-core: c.t.f.u.BufReader and c.t.f.u.BufWriter have been moved from finagle-core to util-core and renamed to and respectively. They are now also exposed publicly. RB_ID=911639

Breaking API Changes

  • util: util-zk-commons was removed, since it was only a connector between util and commons, which was not widely used. RB_ID=910721
  • util-core: AsyncQueue’s size method is now final while offer and fail are no longer final. RB_ID=914191

6.42.0 2017-03-10

New Features

  • util-core: Promoted the positional Buf.Indexed API to be a first-class part of If you have a custom implementation of Buf it will require some effort to become compatible. RB_ID=907231

Breaking API Changes

  • util-app: Set failFastUntilParsed on created flag added to via RB_ID=908804
  • util-core: Remove deprecated which is replaced by[Buf]). RB_ID=907180
  • util-core: Remove deprecated c.t.util.RingBuffer. Use Guava’s EvictingQueue. RB_ID=907516
  • util-core: Remove deprecated c.t.concurrent.ConcurrentPool. Prefer Finagle’s c.t.f.pool.BufferingPool. RB_ID=907516
  • util-core: Remove deprecated c.t.concurrent.ConcurrentMultiMap. Prefer Guava’s Multimap. RB_ID=907516


  • util: Bump guava to 19.0. RB_ID=907807

6.41.0 2017-02-03

New Features

  • util-app: App now exposes closeOnExit publicly. RB_ID=906890
  • util-core: Add method to Buf to efficiently write to a nio ByteBuffer. RB_ID=910152
  • util-core: Add Java-friendly API to for converting from a Java 8 Optional to a Scala Option. RB_ID=906512
  • util-core: Introduced a positional Buf API, Buf.Indexed, and retrofitted all existing implementations in util and finagle to adopt it. It is now used throughout for a reductions in allocation and latency. In two services at Twitter we saw a 1-2% reduction in allocations. We plan to open the API to the public and make it a part of Buf once we are confident in the APIs. RB_ID=904559 RB_ID=905253 RB_ID=906201
  • util-slf4j-api: Introduce slf4j-api support into util. This includes a small scala wrapper over the org.slf4j.Logger and a scala-friendly Logging trait. Changes also include the util-slf4j-jul-bridge module which is a library that provides a utility to “smartly” install the Slf4jBridgeHandler. RB_ID=900815

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core: Improved performance and allocation rates of some “random access” Buf operations. RB_ID=905253
  • util-core: Standardized argument checking in implementations of and RB_ID=899935

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Deprecated which is replaced by[Buf]). RB_ID=899623

6.40.0 2016-12-20

Bug Fixes

  • util-core: Fix issue with c.t.concurrent.AsyncStream.mapConcurrent which will cause the stream head to be held for life of operation. RB_ID=896168

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Deprecated charset constants in have been removed. Use java.nio.charset.StandardCharsets instead. RB_ID=893542
  • util-core: com.twitter.util.NonFatal is deprecated, use scala.util.control.NonFatal instead. RB_ID=892475
  • util-core: FactoryPool/SimplePool now inherits scala.collection.mutable.Queue[A] not deprecated scala.collection.mutable.QueueProxy[A] RB_ID=896485
  • util-core: Buf has been promoted from a trait to an abstract class to facilitate memoization of the Buf hash code. This also removes the need for the Java friendly abstract class: AbstractBuf. RB_ID=897476

6.39.0 2016-11-22

No Changes

6.38.0 2016-10-10

New Features

  • util-app: Java developers can now declare instances of GlobalFlag from Java. See for details. RB_ID=874073
  • util-thrift: We now depend on a fork of libthrift hosted in the Central Repository. The new package lives in the ‘com.twitter’ organization. This removes the necessity of depending on This also means that eviction will not be automatic and using a newer libthrift library requires manual eviction if artifacts are being pulled in transitively. RB_ID=885879
  • util-logging: Allow users to override c.t.util.logging.Logger installation, making it easier to work with SLF4J bridges. RB_ID=870684
  • util: No longer need to add an additional resolver that points to RB_ID=878967

Bug Fixes

  • util-core: and Readers created by and fromStream now close the underlying InputStream on reading of EOF and on calls to Reader.discard. RB_ID=873319

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: is now abstract to reflect how the class is intended to be used. RB_ID=875409

6.37.0 2016-09-07

New Features

  • util-app: Introduce allowing flags to be unset. RB_ID=868177

6.36.0 2016-08-25

New Features

  • util-core: c.t.util.FuturePool now optionally exposes metrics on their internal state such as active tasks, and completed tasks. RB_ID=850652
  • util-core: Add a system property com.twitter.concurrent.schedulerSampleBlockingFraction that can be set to a value between 0.0 and 1.0 (inclusive). When the Scheduler runs blocking code, it will log the stacktrace for that fraction of the calls. RB_ID=861892
  • util-core: Add Java-friendly API for StorageUnit. See StorageUnit.fromX and StorageUnit.{times, plus, minus, divide} methods. RB_ID=864546

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-eval: The compiler reporter is now reset between code check invocations. This means that when there is a failure that it is no longer required to reset the entire state to recover and that already compiled and loaded classes can still be used. RB_ID=859878

6.35.0 2016-07-07

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-codec: StringEncoder no longer depends on apache commons-codec, and decode will now throw an exception when it fails to decode a byte, instead of failing silently. RB_ID=833478
  • util-collection: LruMap is now backed by jdk LinkedHashMap instead of apache collections LRUMap. RB_ID=833515
  • util-core: com.twitter.util.NonFatal is now implemented by Scala’s scala.util.control.NonFatal. This changes behavior such that java.lang.StackOverflowError is considered fatal and java.lang.NoSuchMethodException is considered non-fatal. RB_ID=835671

New Features

  • util-app: com.twitter.finagle.util.LoadService has been moved to and can now be used without needing a finagle-core dependency. RB_ID=829897
  • util-cache: Adds support for Caffeine-style caches. RB_ID=833848
  • util-core: Add c.t.concurrent.Scheduler.blockingTimeNanos which tracks time spent doing blocking operations. RB_ID=828289
  • util-core: Reduced allocations by 40% and latency by 18% of satisfying Promises. RB_ID=832816
  • util-core: c.t.util.NoStacktrace is removed. Use scala.util.control.NoStackTrace instead. RB_ID=833188
  • util-core: Add Future.joinWith that also accepts a function (A, B) => C for mapping a joined result. RB_ID=838169
  • util-core: Add, complementary to the existing Future.within(Duration) RB_ID=838169
  • util-core: Add c.t.util.ProxyTimer which allows for creating proxy based Timers outside of the com.twitter.util package. RB_ID=846194
  • util-core: Add AsyncStream.merge merge potentially inifite streams RB_ID=846681
  • util-security: Added new project. RB_ID=843070

Breaking API Changes

  • Builds are now only for Java 8 and Scala 2.11. See the blog post for details. RB_ID=828898
  • util-core: c.t.u.Bijection is removed. use c.t.bijection.Bijection ( instead. RB_ID=834383
  • util-core: Deprecated method Future.get() has been removed because it made it too easy to hide blocking code. Replaced usage with the more explicit com.twitter.util.Await.result(Future). RB_ID=833579
  • util-core: Deprecated method Future.get(Duration): Try has been removed because it made it too easy to hide blocking code. Replaced usage with the more explicit com.twitter.util.Await.result(Future.liftToTry). RB_ID=836066
  • util-core: Deprecated methods Future.isReturn and Future.isThrow have been removed because they made it too easy to hide blocking code. Replaced usage with the more explicit Await.result(Future.liftToTry).isReturn and Await.result(Future.liftToTry).isThrow. RB_ID=837329
  • util-lint: Added methods com.twitter.util.lint.Rules.removeById(String) and com.twitter.util.lint.RulesImpl.removeById(String) so that it is now possible to remove a com.twitter.util.lint.Rule from the com.twitter.util.lint.GlobalRules set. RB_ID=840753

Bug Fixes

  • util-core: AsyncMeter had a bug where if the burst size was smaller than the number of disbursed tokens, it would discard all of the tokens over the disbursal limit. Changed to instead process tokens in the wait queue with leftover tokens. This improves behavior where the actual period is smaller than can actually be simulated with the given timer. RB_ID=836742
  • util-core: Once didn’t actually provide the guarantee it tried to, because of an issue with the scala compiler, It should now actually be synchronized. RB_ID=842245
  • util-zk: Fixed race when an existing permit is released between the time the list was gotten and the data was checked. RB_ID=835856
  • util-core: Memoize apply now throws IllegalStateException if a thread re-enters with identical input parameters instead of deadlocking.

6.34.0 2016-04-26

New Features

  • util-core: Add Throwables.unchecked to help Java users deal with checked exceptions. RB_ID=811441
  • util-stats: Can now get from a com.twitter.finagle.stats.StatsReceiver` to all “leaf” StatsReceivers that don’t delegate to another StatsReceiver with com.twitter.finagle.stats.DelegatingStatsReceiver.all. RB_ID=819519

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Removed deprecated methods from Buf.scala RB_ID=809948 - Removed, replace usage with Buf.ByteArray.Owned.apply. - Removed, replace usage with Buf.ByteArray.Owned.unapply. - Removed, replace usage with Buf.ByteBuffer.Owned.apply. - Removed, replace usage with Buf.ByteBuffer.Owned.extract.
  • util-core: Removed deprecated Future.apply methods RB_ID=811617
  • util-stats: Removed com.twitter.finagle.stats.BroadcastStatsReceiver marker trait in favor of com.twiter.finagle.stats.DelegatingStatsReceiver marker trait, which lets us specify that we only delegate to a single com.twitter.finagle.stats.StatsReceiver. RB_ID=819519
  • util-zk-common: Removed com.twitter.zk.ServerSet. Use implementations of ServerSets in the finagle-serversets project. RB_ID=821355

Bug Fixes

  • util-core: Fix memory leak in Var.apply(T, Event[T]) and Var.patch. RB_ID=809100

6.33.0 2016-03-10

New Features

  • util-core: AsyncSemaphore supports closing and draining of waiters via fail. RB_ID=807590
  • util-core: Add convenience methods force, size, sum, and withEffect to AsyncStream. RB_ID=808411

Bug Fixes

  • util-core: Fix nested functions AsyncStream.++ to avoid stack overflow. RB_ID=804408


  • util-core: Future.rawException is deprecated in favor of Future.exception. RB_ID=798223

6.32.0 2016-02-03

New Features

  • util-core: Add Future.traverseSequentially. Take a sequence and sequentially apply a function A => Future[B] to each item. RB_ID=785091

6.31.0 2016-02-02


6.30.0 2015-12-03

New Features

  • util-core: Introduce an AsyncMeter for asynchronously rate limiting to a fixed rate over time. It can be used for smoothing out bursty traffic, or for slowing down access to a resource. RB_ID=756333
  • util-core: Introduce a TokenBucket for helping to control the relative rates of two processes, or for smoothing out the rate of a single process. RB_ID=756333

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Timer now has final implementations for schedule which delegate to new protected scheduleOnce and schedulePeriodically methods. This is done to ensure that Locals are captured when the task is scheduled and then used when the task is run. Existing Timer implementations should rename their existing schedule methods to work with the new interface. RB_ID=755387
  • util-core: Remove deprecated FuturePool.defaultPool, callers should use FuturePool.unboundedPool instead. RB_ID=757499
  • util-stats: Remove deprecated methods on com.twitter.finagle.stats.StatsReceiver. RB_ID=757414
  • util-core: AsyncStream graduates out of com.twitter.concurrent.exp into com.twitter.concurrent. Backwards compatibility aliases remain for Scala users, but Java users will need to update their imports. RB_ID=758061
  • util-codec: Add a new encoder com.twitter.util.Base64UrlSafeStringEncoder which extends from com.twitter.util.Base64StringEncoder. Both the url-safe and non-url-safe encoders can decode all strings generated by either. RB_ID=765189
  • util-core: Remove unnecessary invalidate method from util-cache’s com.twitter.cache.guava.LoadingFutureCache, and change the remove semantic to match the com.twitter.cache.FutureCache contract. RB_ID=766988
  • util-core: Remove protected Timer.monitor (overrides a monitor to use by a timer implementation) because any possible implementation rather than Monitor.get promotes memory leaks when timer is used to schedule recursive tasks (tasks that reschedules themselves). RB_ID=771736

6.29.0 2015-10-15

New Features

  • util-core: Introduce an optional max capacity to AsyncQueue. Modified AsyncQueue.offer to return a boolean indicating whether or not the item was accepted. Added AsyncQueue.drain(): Try[Queue]. RB_ID=745567

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Remove deprecated methods from com.twitter.util.Time and com.twitter.util.Duration. RB_ID=751771
  • util-core: Provide methods on Stopwatch so that users can take advantage of Time manipulation tools in latency-sensitive code when measuring elapsed time. RB_ID=75268

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core: The Scheduler clock stats were decommissioned as they only make sense relative to wallTime and the tracking error we have experienced wallTime and *Time make it impossible to use them reliably. It is not worth the performance and code complexity to support them. RB_ID=750239
  • util-core: JavaTimer and ScheduledThreadPoolTimer now capture the Local state when scheduled and is used along with that Monitor when the TimerTask is run. RB_ID=755387
  • util-logging: QueueingHandler does not create a separate thread per instance. RB_ID=745567

6.28.0 2015-09-25

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Remove deprecated methods from com.twitter.util.Var.

    To migrate observe and foreach, given aVar.observe { t => somethingWith(t) } you would write aVar.changes.register(Witness({ t => somethingWith(t) })).

    To migrate observeUntil, given aVar.observeUntil(_ == something), you would write aVar.changes.filter(_ == something).toFuture().

    To migrate observeTo, given aVar.observeTo(anAtomicReference), you would write aVar.changes.register(Witness(anAtomicReference)).


6.27.0 2015-08-28

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: TimeFormat optionally takes a TimeZone in the constructor. If not provided, it uses UTC.

6.26.0 2015-07-27

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Activity, BoundedStack, RingBuffer and Var migrated off of deprecated ClassManifest to ClassTag. RB_ID=720455
  • util-core: Added Spool#zip
  • util-core: Removed deprecated methods Future.void and Future$.void(). Use Future.voided and Future$.Void instead. RB_ID=720427

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core: Promise.forwardInterruptsTo(other) is a no-op if the
    other future is fulfilled. RB_ID=714420
  • util-events: Recording of events is disabled by default and can be updated
    at runtime via TwitterServer’s /admin/events page or /admin/events/{recordOn,recordOff}. RB_ID=715712

6.25.0 2015-06-22

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-events: Enable event sink by default.

6.24.0 2015-04-12

New Features

  • util-core: Introduce AsyncStream, an experimental replacement for Spool.

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Future.willEqual() now returns Future[Boolean] instead of
  • util-core: rename VarSource to ActivitySource. remove, return Activity[T] instead of Var[VarSource.Result[T]]. Remove FailoverVarSource in favor of ActivitySource.orElse.
  • util-core: TimeFormat now throws IllegalArgumentException if the pattern
    uses the week year (‘Y’) without the week number (‘w’)
  • util-core: Spool.++ used to force its argument, but now it is evaluated
    only if this Spool is empty. To revert to existing behavior, simply force the argument before passing it to ++.
  • util-core: Reader.writable() returns a new type, Reader.Writable, which
    combines Reader, Writer and Closable.
  • util-core: Reader.concat and Reader.copyMany now take an AsyncStream
    argument instead of Spool.

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-core: Futures still rethrow on fatals, but now also Monitor.handle on
  • util-core: Future.onFailure now only applies a PartialFunction if
    PartialFunction.isDefinedAt returns true.
  • util-core: AsyncSemaphore now requires that initialPermits be positive.
  • util-core: The Reader and Writer from Reader.Writable.close() are now
    synchronized on close.

6.23.0 2014-12-12

New Features

  • util-core: Add method .flushBatch() to batched future returned by Future.batched()
    that immediately initiates processing of all remaining queued requests
  • util-core: Add Future.collect() method that collects over Map’s values
  • util-stats: Create a new module, util-stats to move finagle-core
    StatsReceivers to. They retain the com.twitter.finagle namespace to ease the transition.


  • util-stats: Deprecate com.twitter.finagle.stats.StatsReceiver#time{,TimeFuture}.
    Instead, please use the com.twitter.finagle.stats.Stat helpers from scala, and the com.twitter.finagle.stats.JStats helpers from java.

Breaking API Changes

  • util-cache: Remove unused com.twitter.cache.Mod trait and object
  • util-core: Rename Buf._.Unsafe to Buf._.Owned and Buf._.Copied to Buf._.Shared
  • util-core: Remove the com.twitter.util.repository package
  • util-core: Change return type of Future.batched() to com.twitter.util.Batcher

Java Compatibility

  • util-app: Flaggable is now an abstract class for Java compatibility
  • util-core: Make Futures an API entry point for Java users
    (even for methods that take Scala collections)
  • util-core: Add compilation tests to track Java compatibility of new API

6.22.2 2014-10-29

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Removed Sieve example.
  • util-core: Introduce new constructors and extractors for Buf types to
    support more efficient, correct uses. Buf types now come with Copied and Direct management interfaces – Direct tries to provide direct access to the Buf’s backing byte array, while Copied ensures that the caller cannot accidentally mutate a Buf’s data. Additionally, helpers to support Buf-type coersion have been added.

New Features

  • util-app: add an option so that we can let apps fail fast if reading
    argument before args are parsed.

Bug Fixes

  • util: add missing @RunWith annotation
  • util-core: Java tests for Duration, Time and Timer
  • util-core: make reentrant


  • util-core: Slurry of PartialFunction micro-optimizations

6.22.1 2014-10-23

Bug Fixes

  • util and finagle: fix compiler warnings


  • util-core: Add deprecation of RingBuffer to changelog
  • util-core: Removed IVar and IVarField


  • util-core: Clarify Scaladoc of Promise.attached
  • util-core: Add self-type to Promise.Detachable and augment Promise Scaladocs
  • util-io: Better names for Buf.slice() paramters.

New Features

  • util-app: Add App registration
  • util-cache Add asynchronous cache with TTL
  • util-core: Add Activity.future

Package factoring

  • util-logging: factor out testing code into new package util-test

6.22.0 2014-10-13

System Requirements

  • util-core: prefer Await.result(future.liftToTry) to deprecated methods
  • c.t.util.Time: Scope Locals with Local.let instead of save`+`restore

Runtime Behavior Changes

  • util-logging: * Logging’s default handler is now async by default via com.twitter.logging.QueueingHandler. * Two Flags allowing for customization:

    • com.twitter.logging.log.async: Default true, turns this functionality on/off.
    • com.twitter.logging.log.async.maxsize: Default 4096, max size of the async buffer.
  • util.RingBuffer: fix buffer size on drops

  • util-io: Fix Buf.ByteBuffer.slice

  • util-core: Future.sleep: short-circuit when duration <= 0

  • util-core: IVar and IVarField were removed. Use com.twitter.util.Promise instead because it provides a superset of IVar behavior.

New Features

  • util-core: introduce Memoize.snappable
  • util-app: add Flaggable.ofSet
  • util-app: introduce Flag.let


  • util-core: Perf improvement to ConcatBuf#slice
  • util-core: Avoid accumulation of listeners in
  • util-core: Event.filter only 1 call to filter predicate

Bug Fixes

  • util-jvm: Fix logging in Jvm.foreachGc
  • util-core: document StorageUnit can overflow
  • util-core: check Future.proxyTo and Promise.become preconditions

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: remove Leaky and FutureBenchmark


  • util, ostrich, finagle, twitter-server: Remove all trailing spaces

Package factoring

  • Test classes from util-logging were factored into its own package, util-test.

Breaking API Changes

  • util-core: Deprecate RingBuffer in favor of Guava’s

6.21.2 2014-09-08

  • util-cache: Adds a Guava-backed asynchronous cache
  • util-core: Fixed FuturePool for NLRCK
  • util-core: Improve java friendliness of futures
  • util-core: Make register/close on Event() work atomically
  • util-core: Reimplement Buf.Utf8 encoder/extractor using io.Charsets
  • util-core: storage parse() should be able to handle Long
  • util-logging: make Logger immutable & break cyclic dependency on Level
  • util: Upgrade to scala_2.10

6.20.0 2014-08-22

  • util: Enables cross-publishing for 2.11
  • util-app: Log severely if a flag is read at the wrong time
  • util-core: Changes transform to fail Futures if you return inside the passed closure
  • util-core: Copy bytes from Reader to Writer and OutputStream
  • util-core: Fix RichU64String to throw for negative input Problem
  • util-core: Optimizations in Buf
  • util-core: Remove some unnecessary implicit conversions
  • util-doc: Fix updatedocs.bash to update new util docs

6.19.0 2014-08-05

  • util: smattering of minor cleanups in util and finagle
  • util-core: Reader and getContent symmetry

6.18.4 2014-07-31

  • util-core: Remove confusing NOOP 0.until(5) in Future.collect().
  • util-app: Fix a bug in global flag parsing

6.18.2 2014-07-23

  • util-core: Fixes a broken sbt test
  • util-core: Log exceptions caught by ChannelStatsHandler
  • util-core: Satisfy promise on fatal exception in FuturePool task
  • util-core: small perf improvements to Future.collect, Throw, Flag
  • util-logging: java-friendly LoggerFactory API

6.18.1 2014-07-08

  • util: Update README to reflect correct storage units.
  • util: Convert all tests in util to scalatest
  • util-app: Simplifies the logic to get the appname
  • util-io: Buf, Reader: remove Buf.Eof; end-of-stream is None
  • util-io: Create Buf.ByteBuffer to wrap java.nio.ByteBuffer

6.18.0 2014-06-23

  • util-app: Don’t kill the JVM on flag-parsing failure
  • util-app: Improve the Scaladocs for and friends
  • util-core: Add U(32|64)(BE|LE) to Buf
  • util-core: Add com.twitter.util.NilStopwatch
  • util-core: Add src/main/java dependency on src/main/scala
  • util-core: Catch InterruptedException in Closable collector thread
  • util-core: Fix MockTimer#schedule(Duration)(=> Unit)’s cancel
  • util-core: Fix update-after-interrupt race condition in AsyncSemaphore
  • util-core: Signal the deprecation of com.twitter.util.Bijection.
  • util-logging: Add additional handlers to Logging trait

6.17.0 2014-06-04

  • util: Upgrade dependency versions
  • util-core: Scheduler productivity = cpuTime/wallTime
  • util-core: Add a take method to Spool
  • util-core: Introduce ConcatBuf
  • util-core: add Spool.collectFuture

6.16.0 2014-05-13

  • util-app: Add flag for configuring acceptance of undefined flags
  • util-app: Minor cleanup
  • util-core: Adds Time.sleep for testing sleeping code

6.15.0 2014-04-29

  • util-app: enforce close grace period
  • util-core: special case buf.slice(0, buf.length)
  • util-core: add LIFO option to LocalScheduler
  • util-core: improves usability of Var and VarSource from java
  • util-core: Make spool lazier
  • util-core: Fixes detachable semantics with ConstFuture
  • util-core: make LocalScheduler non-private for custom schedulers

6.14.0 2014-04-09

  • util-benchmark: Fix caliper failures due to new guava
  • util-core: Add Local.let
  • util-core: Add and replace the use of org.jboss.netty.util.CharsetUtil
  • util-core: Bump objectsize dependency to 0.0.10
  • util-core: Comprehensive Scaladocs for Scheduler-related classes and traits
  • util-core: Create a static Exception for use in Future.raiseWithin
  • util-core: fix inaccurate comments
  • util-core: Make Function classes covariant
  • util-core: Parse names into trees; introduce separate evaluation.
  • util-core: Short-circuit within and raiseWithin if Future is already satisfied

6.13.2 2014-03-24

  • util-core: Add StorageUnit.hashCode
  • util-core: Event.mergeMap: fix Closable
  • util: Update 3rdparty library versions
  • util: Upgrade to guava 16

6.13.1 2014-03-20

  • util: Update zk libraries

6.13.0 2014-03-14

  • util-app: add usage string, printed before flags
  • util-app: Handle comma-separated values in Flaggable.ofMap
  • util-app: Implement application-level shutdown handling in App.
  • util-app: Remove hardcoded ports in FlagTest
  • util-app: sort global flags in usage
  • util-core/Offer: Don’t do indexed lookups in prepare()
  • util-core: Add support for interrupting Future.sleep
  • util-core: Check whether JVM supports thread measurement before measuring
  • util-core: Create daemon threads in all stock com.twitter.util.FuturePools
  • util-core: Event: mergeMap, not flatMap
  • util-core: Performance optimizations for Future.collect
  • util-core: TimeLike inSeconds should not truncate
  • util-core: Var.collect, Fix deadlock caused by oversynchronizing
  • util-core: Var: prevent stale updates
  • util: ForkJoin scheduler: first draft

6.12.1 2014-02-18

  • Upgrade everyone to the new c.t.common.server-set

6.12.0 2014-02-14

  • LocalScheduler: improve concurrency by sampling less
  • Option to enable thread pool scheduler in finagle, and fix the shutting down RejectedExecutionException’s.
  • re-write Future.unit in terms of Future.Unit
  • Revert “Option to enable thread pool scheduler in finagle, and fix the shutting down RejectedExecutionException’s.” (It’s breaking the build on JDK6 machines)
  • twitter-server: Report on deadlock conditions in admin/contentions
  • Update 3rdpaty zookeeper client
  • Update version of com.twitter.common*
  • util-core: Add a Scaladoc for com.twitter.util.RandomSocket
  • util-core: State[+A] => State[A]
  • util-logging: Increase richness of file-logging flags
  • util-zk: scalatest as test dep
  • util-{app,jvm}: various small improvements from gcflow
  • util: Drop util-eval dep from util-zk-common, which pulls in scala-compiler unnecessarily
  • Var: fix an iatrogenic concurrency bug

6.11.1 2014-01-16

  • util-collection: Depend on jsr305.
  • util-core: Add Promise.attached and Detachable.
  • util-core: Add Future.batched.
  • util-common: Fix a race condition in ExecutorServiceFuturePool.

6.11.0 2014-01-14

  • util-core: Add BridgedThreadPoolScheduler.
  • util-core: Add Events, discrete-time values.
  • util-core: Add Future.delayed, Timer.Nil.
  • util-core: Add Var.join.
  • util-core: Add utilities for composing Future side effects.
  • util-core: Allocation improvements to Future.isDefined, Promise.isDefined, Promise.interrupts.
  • util-core: Fix forcing issues with Spool.*::.
  • util-core: Future.followedBy->Future.before
  • util-core: s/setValue(())/setDone()/g
  • util-logging: Allocation improvements to Formatter.formatMessageLines.
  • util-logging: Get correct method and class name in c.t.u.LogRecord
  • util-zk-common: Fix finagle-serversets dependencies discrepancy.

6.10.0 2013-12-12

  • util-core: Add functionality to AsyncSemaphore for executing functions as permits become available.
  • util-core: Fine-grained locking to prevent deadlocks in Var.
  • util-core: Introduce - wraps a Buf and exposes a interface.
  • util-core: Introduce com.twitter.util.Memoize - thread-safe memoization of a function.

6.9.0 2013-12-02

  • util-core: 2.10 pattern matching strictness
  • util-core: Gives Var single-owner semantics
  • util-core: Seq[Future[A]] => Future[Seq[Try[A]]]
  • util-core: Adds a comment explicitly describing synchronous callback on observe for Var
  • util-core: async semaphore cancellation
  • util: sbt version in

6.8.1 2013-11-15

  • util-core: Break apart interruptible FuturePool for java backcompat

6.8.0 2013-11-12

  • util-app: Fix null error for Flaggable[InetSocketAddress].
  • util-app: Flag, easier usage of default.
  • util-core: adds closable.close(Duration)
  • util-core: Adds
  • util-core: adds comment re using FuturePool from java.
  • util-core: buffers requests until Var[Addr] is in a ready state
  • util-core: Fix Promise update race when interrupting FuturePool threads.
  • util-core: improve allocation/perf in Offer.choose and
  • util-core: Var: remove Var.apply; introduce Var.sample
  • util-zk-common: update pom com.twitter.common.zookeeper dependencies
  • util: scaladoc warning cleanup.

6.7.0 2013-10-18

  • util-core: Introduce Try.collect(), analagous to Future.collect
  • util-core: Add some empirically useful add-ons to Var
  • util-logging: Use ConsoleHandler when outputFlag is /dev/null
  • util-core: Fix broken string-deserialization in Buf.Utf8.unapply
  • util-core: Improve gc profile around Var

6.6.0 2013-10-09

  • util-app: Properly propagate underlying exceptions.
  • util-core: Add a Var.value function. (835a043)
  • util-core: Augment Var and Local in support of Finagle’s request context feature. (b2d689a)
  • util-core: Avoid instantiating TimeoutException until it is needed (CSL-592)
  • util-core: Make Future.never a val instead of a def
  • util-core: Move Var to core util, add Var.unapply
  • util-core: Testing function Time.withTimeAt now uses Locals.
  • util-core: Throw AlreadyNackd on nack-ack.
  • util-core: raiseWithin, alternative to within, that raise interrupt.
  • util-jvm: Add a GlobalFlag for a machine’s number of logical cores. (dc20fbf1)
  • util-logging: Add a NullLogger object.
  • util-logging: makes Logging more flexible for easy extension of twitter-server
  • util-zk: Add ShardCoordinator and ZkAsyncSemaphore classes. (c57b2a9)

6.5.0 2013-09-10

  • util-hashing: removed dependency on util-core
  • util-core: Introduce swappable schedulers, ThreadPool scheduler.
  • util-core: Scheduler - “productivity” stats, dispatches.
  • util-core: Add Future.when
  • util-core: introduced Var - composable variables
  • util-core: adding short note on Future ‘within’

6.4.0 2013-08-28

  • util-core: Add Return constants
  • util-core: Make ConstFuture.transform consistent with Promise.transform
  • util-core: Make it possible to explicitly set a locale on TimeFormat
  • util-logging: Refactored formatter to decrease coupling
  • util-core: Add NoSuchMethodException as fatal exception in NonFatal
  • util-app: Add some logging helpers to Flags
  • util-core: Introduce Buf, Reader, and Writer: Zerocopy, buffered I/O

6.3.8 2013-07-22

  • util-core: Add Future.True and Future.False constants
  • util-app: Treat ‘–’ as end of flags indicator
  • util-app: Add support for long flags

6.3.7 2013-06-24

  • util-app: flags use by-name default values
  • util-app: Make the global flag test idempotent
  • util-collection: guard against missing element exception in BGQ
  • util: Deal with UnknownHostException thrown by InetAddress.getLocalHost
  • util: update version in README

6.3.6 2013-06-11

  • util: Update owners files
  • util-jvm: CpuProfile: sleep the right amount of time for the recording thread
  • util-jvm: always try to construct hotspot instance Detection by VM name is unreliable.
  • util: util/* compiling, testing and benchmarking with pants.
  • util-eval: Gizzard: Some followup deps alignment to fix deployment classpath issues

6.3.5 2013-05-31

  • util-core: add Time.fromMicroseconds to util.Time
  • util-core: NullMonitor takes itself out when composed
  • util-core: deprecate Config
  • util-hashing: add entryForHash api to Distributor
  • util-app: Flag: clarify usage and hide all Flag constructors.
  • util-core: Added reduceLeft and foldLeft to the Spool class
  • util: Update sbt project for (util, ostrich, finagle)

6.3.4 2013-05-16

  • util-core: Convenience method to await all
  • util-core: RootMonitor never propagates non fatal exception

6.3.3 2013-05-13

  • util-collection: When growing chain only grow the chain. This addresses a NoSuchElementException.
  • util-eval: fix for when class files are on the classpath directly
  • util: Generate from sbt
  • util-core:Time, Duration: implement Java serialization
  • util-thrift: Bump Jackson to 1.9.11
  • util-core: Add withFilter to Future and Try
  • util: Remove zookeeper dependency ivyXML and replace with ExclusionRules

6.3.2 2013-04-18

  • util-core: create less garbage in AsyncSemaphore.acquire()
  • util-core: deprecate com.twitter.util.concurrent.Concurrent{Pool, MultiMap}
  • util-core: restore prior Future.get behavior
  • util-core: Spool error propagation
  • util-core: Use futures for schema detection to avoid blocking finagle threads
  • util-refect: test: use sys.error
  • util-zk: ZNode(“/path”).parentPath should be “/”, not an empty string

6.3.0 2013-04-05

  • util-core: flag a bug with U64 truncation
  • util-core: Future.get: include fatal exceptions
  • util-core: deprecate Future#apply, get.
  • util-core: special-case Duration.Zero to avoid allocation

6.2.5 2013-03-27

  • util-zk: Improvements to util-zk NativeConnector
  • util: Update sbt project definition
  • util: launching test in all scala version of the project

6.2.4 2013-03-21

  • util-core: Add Future.Nil, it can be used anytime you need a Future[Seq[_]] with an empty sequence.
  • util-core: fix VM test error by ensuring reset
  • util-core: Move Disposable/Managed to util
  • util-logging: scribe binary thrift for tbird add/remove/scrub ops:
  • util: upgrade com.twitter.common.objectsize to 0.0.7

6.2.3 2013-03-08

  • util-core: Remove StreamHelper
  • Flag: create Map flag type

6.2.2 2013-02-25

  • Flag: introduce global flags

6.2.1 2013-02-20

  • HttpMux: provide visibility into available handlers
  • Flag: add Time type
  • Spool: encode exceptions
  • Closable: use Time.Bottom for close()
  • Future.within: bypass timer entirely if we’re passed Duration.Top
  • Awaitable: introduce Await
  • util-jvm: GC predictor
  • io.Files: don’t overallocate buffers
  • Future: use .nonEmpty instead of != Nil

6.1.0 2013-01-30

  • preliminary 2.10 port/build
  • Add Closable trait
  • Add contention snapshot

6.0.6 2013-01-22

  • util-core: concurrent.SpoolSource utility for creating Spools
  • util-core: Spool.flatMap, Spool.++
  • util-app: add shutdown hooks
  • util-logging: Make the logging work properly for Scala and mixed Scala/Java

6.0.4 2012-12-18

  • Broker: more efficient dequeueing of offers
  • Duration: parse all output of Duration.toString
  • ScheduledThreadPoolTimer: aggressively remove runnables to avoid space leak
  • util-core documentation: fix some parentheses, backticks
  • util-hashing: add Hashable type class

6.0.3 2012-12-11

  • Promise: remove future tracing, add explicit transforming state to avoid extraneous allocation
  • update zk client
  • composable apps & flags

6.0.1 2012-11-26

6.0.0 2012-11-26

  • Removed future cancellation, which is now replaced with one-shot interrupts. These also carry a cause which will be used profitably in finagle.
  • A new, leaner Promise implemetnation
  • New implementations for Time and Duration with true sentinels
  • Promise, Try combinators no longer attempt to catch fatal exceptions

5.3.14 2012-11-20

  • fix compiler warnings
  • Future.join: support up to 22-tupled futures
  • com.twitter.concurrent.Serialized: explicit docs
  • util-logging: concurrent enqueue support for ScribeHandler, add stats

5.3.13 2012-10-16

  • AsyncSemaphore: Use volatile vars for the active number and the waiters
  • util-logging: fix ThrottledHandler to not leak memory
  • util-logging: for file handlers, default to append=true since that was the default with FileHandlerConfig and is safer behavior
  • upgrading slf4j dependent projects (1.6.1).
  • sbt: robust MD5 checking.
  • Fix Spool.foreachElem crashing on resoved spool with error
  • FuturePool.defaultPool: use cached threadpool by default.
  • util-logging: Correctly handle files with a shared prefix.

5.3.10 2012-09-06

  • Improve and ZNode.parentPath to not use Regexes
  • Fix ScheduledThreadPoolTimer.schedule(…).cancel()
  • Upgrade guava dependency to v13
  • Add a ZkClient Connector that dispatches requests across several zookeeper connections
  • Support prefix-less sequential nodes in util-zk
  • util-logging: Add Logger.withLoggers.
  • Clean up equals and hashCode for Time and Duration

5.3.7 2012-08-21

  • Disable log handler purging
  • Added ThriftCodec
  • Add a Time.hashCode method
  • GC monitor: be more quiet about missed GCs
  • patch public release of OSS libraries; catch up sbt

5.3.6 2012-07-26

  • Fix temporary file name generation

5.3.0 2012-06-25

  • util-jvm: start timer thread in ‘daemon’ mode

5.2.0 2012-06-14

  • JVM CPU profiler
  • util-jvm: fix for JDK 7

5.1.2 2012-06-07

  • fix documentation
  • util-jvm: gc monitoring
  • Kill com.twitter.concurrent.Channel

5.0.4 2012-06-01

  • Upgrade scala to 2.9.2
  • Java compatibility: void -> voided


  • added AsyncQueue
  • config:validate optional subconfigs
  • util-zk: allow multiple session event listeners, fix AsyncCallbackPromise exception handling, misc fixes
  • offer: deprecate apply()
  • propagate cancellation exception when Timer.doAt future is cancelled
  • KetamaDistributor optionally preserves a floating point truncation
  • Timer uses daemon thread by default
  • Future.monitor: release reference to promise when it’s satisfied
  • Future: misc Java compatibility fixes
  • Eval.scala: Allow @deprecated
  • util-logging: Add LoggerFactory
  • Util: Add util-class-preloader (classfile preloading), util-jvm (access to performance counters)
  • Future: divorce from TryLike hierarchy
  • LogRecord: use MessageFormat
  • Time: Treat MaxValue specially in TimeMod.{add,sub}

3.0.0 2012-03-14

  • AsyncSemaphore: allow parameterizing maximum queue size
  • Logging: scribe handlers may now be named “scribe”
  • Logging: Always make sure Level is initialized before being able to refer to Logger.
  • Offer/Broker: simpler, more flexible implementation
  • Config: Config.optional results in lazy evaluation

2.0.0 2012-02-27

  • NetUtil: optimize ipv4 address parsing
  • upgrade to Guava r11

1.12.13 2012-02-13

  • NetUtil: Add inetAddressToInt, isInetAddressInBlock, isInetAddressInBlocks
  • Future tracer: fix bug where double proxied exceptions fail
  • add “ExceptionalFunction0” for easier use from Java
  • Locals: many optimizations to reduce allocations caused by saving and restoring contexts

1.12.12 2012-01-24

  • util-zk-common: Asynchronous wrappers for common ServerSets.
  • IVar.unget: only remove closures by object equality
  • Offer.choose: use nanoseconds for random seed
  • Future.const - builds a constant Future from an existing Try

1.12.9 2012-01-05

  • ThreadPoolFactories are named by default
  • Offer: ensure ObjectOrder is independent of Object#hashCode
  • new package: util-zk: asynchronous bindings to ZooKeeper

1.12.7 2011-12-02

  • Future: temporarily disabling default usage of the AsmTracer

1.12.6 2011-12-01

  • Future: all helper methods now have Java-friendly equivalents that take Lists.

1.12.5 2011-11-29

  • Config: recompile configs based on hash instead of timestamp, add memoization
  • Timer: make JavaTimer more resilient, log errors
  • FuturePool: Fixed race condition in FuturePool where work that was cancelled would not clean up after itself
  • Function: Add ExceptionalFunction type to allow Java to throw checked exceptions.
  • Futures: trace dispatch “stack”, supplying it as a stack trace for exceptions, implement “transform”, “transformedBy” to allow for a more imperative control flow when used from Java.
  • Monitors: composable widgets for handling exceptions

1.12.4 2011-11-09

  • Files.delete has to follow symlinks because jdk6 support for symlinks is weaksauce
  • properly handle cancellation in FuturePool
  • Locals: ensure Local is fully initialized before registering

1.12.3 2011-11-08

  • add some docs to Offer, Time
  • file utilities, documentation for TempFile
  • Offer/Broker: explicit return types for Java compat.

1.12.2 2011-10-28

  • Json thrift deserializer
  • Finagle: count pending timeouts
  • Fix eval precompile bug

1.12.0 2011-10-21

  • util.Config.Specified now delays evaluation of specified value, to ensure evaluation happens in correct dependency order, rather than in class-hierarchy order. This change is mostly source compatible, unless you have directly used the Specified class.

1.11.9 2011-10-14

  • ivar/future: provide “TCE”, per-thread scheduling, and promise squashing
  • logger: restore original logging level after modifying them
  • u64: fix
  • filehandler: thread-visibility
  • eval: fix mtime invalidation
  • base64 encoder: make it threadsafe

1.11.8 2011-10-04

  • Back out TCE for ivar/futures. This introduced a space leak and will be fixed momentarily.
  • FuturePool: Catch any exception thrown by executor.submit() and return as a Future.exception

1.11.7 2011-09-28

  • ivar/future: provide “TCE”, per-thread scheduling, and promise squashing
  • util-core: add bijection
  • util: is now measured at nanosecond granularity instead of millisecond.
  • futurepool: don’t attempt to perform work for Futures that are cancelled

1.11.2 2011-08-12

  • offer: use instead of subtraction to avoid integer overflow in ObjectOrder
  • offer: accept an empty offer list. this is just Offer.never
  • Eval: persistent compilation targets

1.11.1 2011-08-05

  • offer/broker: fixes, simplifications - gets rid of thunked values on sends. removing the infrastructure required to support this led to significant simplification. lock the correct objects for broker events. don’t try to resolve identical objects in lock order.
  • offer: java support
  • hashing: actually return 64bit values from the 64bit hash functions; tests

1.11.0 2011-08-02

  • Introduce new util-codec module to contain various codecs. Primarily so that it can depend on apache commons-codec 1.5 for base64 improvements over the sun one.

1.10.4 2011-07-29

  • Added TestLogging specs helper to util-logging.
  • Spools: like scala streams, but with deferred tails.

1.10.3 2011-07-27

  • add GZip string encoder

1.10.2 2011-07-18

  • Maintain a map of already visited objects incase someone creates a circular of config objects.
  • Make Duration hashable.
  • Promise.on{Success, Failure}: returned chained future.