package online

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Type Members

  1. trait CombinedServiceStoreFactory[-K, V] extends MergeableStoreFactory[(K, BatchID), V] with OnlineServiceFactory[K, V]

  2. class Externalizer[T] extends chill.Externalizer[T]

  3. trait FlatMapOperation[-T, +U] extends Serializable with Closeable

  4. class FunctionFlatMapOperation[T, U] extends FlatMapOperation[T, U]

  5. class FunctionKeyFlatMapOperation[K1, K2, V] extends FlatMapOperation[(K1, V), (K2, V)]

  6. class GenericFlatMapOperation[T, U] extends FlatMapOperation[T, U]

  7. class IdentityFlatMapOperation[T] extends FlatMapOperation[T, T]

  8. trait MergeableStoreFactory[-K, V] extends Serializable

  9. trait OnlineServiceFactory[-K, +V] extends Serializable

  10. abstract class Queue[T] extends AnyRef

    Use this class with a thread-safe queue to receive results from futures in one thread.

  11. case class ReadableServiceFactory[-K, +V](serviceStore: () ⇒ ReadableStore[K, V]) extends OnlineServiceFactory[K, V] with Product with Serializable

  12. class WrappedTSInMergeable[K, V] extends Mergeable[K, (Timestamp, V)]

  13. class WriteOperation[T] extends FlatMapOperation[T, T]

Value Members

  1. object CombinedServiceStoreFactory extends Serializable

  2. object Externalizer extends Serializable

  3. object FlatMapOperation extends Serializable

  4. object MergeableStoreFactory extends Serializable

  5. object MergeableStoreFactoryAlgebra

  6. object Queue

  7. package executor

  8. package option