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Type Members

  1. case class AckOnEntry(get: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

    If this is set to true, this means that a bolt will ack a tuple as soon as it is received and processing begins; otherwise, the tuple will be acked when the bolt completes.

  2. case class AnchorTuples(anchor: Boolean) extends Serializable with Product with Serializable

    If true, the topology will anchor tuples in all flatMap bolts and ack in the final sink bolt.

  3. class FlatMapStormMetrics extends AnyRef

    When a bolt is prepared, these metrics will be use by being called with the TopologyContext for the storm bolt.

  4. case class MaxExecutePerSecond(lowerBound: Long, upperBound: Long, rampUptimeMS: Long) extends Product with Serializable

    Maximum number of elements to execute in a given second per task

  5. case class PreferLocalDependency(get: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

    This signals that the storm bolts should use localOrShuffleGrouping, which means that if the downstream bolt has a task on the same local worker, the output will only go to those tasks.

  6. class SpoutStormMetrics extends Serializable

  7. class SummerStormMetrics extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object AnchorTuples extends Serializable

  2. object FlatMapStormMetrics

    This workaround is necessary because val parameters can't be call-by-name.

  3. object SpoutStormMetrics extends Serializable

  4. object SummerStormMetrics

    See FlatMapOptions.