package storm

Package containing the Summingbird Storm platform.

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Type Members

  1. case class BaseBolt[I, O](jobID: JobId, metrics: () ⇒ TraversableOnce[StormMetric[_]], anchorTuples: AnchorTuples, hasDependants: Boolean, outputFields: Fields, ackOnEntry: AckOnEntry, maxExecutePerSec: MaxExecutePerSecond, executor: OperationContainer[I, O, InputState[Tuple], List[AnyRef], TopologyContext]) extends IRichBolt with Product with Serializable

  2. case class FlatMapBoltProvider(storm: Storm, jobID: JobId, stormDag: Dag[Storm], node: StormNode)(implicit topologyBuilder: TopologyBuilder) extends Product with Serializable

  3. class KeyValueInjection[K, V] extends Injection[(K, V), List[AnyRef]]

  4. class LocalStorm extends Storm

  5. class MergeableStatReporter[K, V] extends MergeableProxy[K, V] with MergeableReporter[Mergeable[K, V], K, V]

  6. case class PlannedTopology(config: Config, topology: StormTopology) extends Product with Serializable

  7. class RemoteStorm extends Storm

  8. class SingleItemInjection[T] extends Injection[T, List[AnyRef]]

  9. class SinkFn[T] extends StormSink[T]

  10. case class SpoutSource[+T](spout: Spout[(Timestamp, T)], parallelism: Option[SourceParallelism]) extends StormSource[T] with Product with Serializable

  11. class StoreStatReporter[K, V] extends StoreProxy[K, V] with StoreReporter[Store[K, V], K, V]

  12. abstract class Storm extends Platform[Storm]

  13. class StormBuffer[K, V] extends StormSink[(K, V)] with OnlineServiceFactory[K, V]

    Used to do leftJoins of streams against other streams

  14. case class StormEnv(jobName: String, args: Args) extends Env with Product with Serializable

    Storm-specific extension to Env.

  15. trait StormExecutionConfig extends ChillExecutionConfig[Storm]

  16. case class StormMetric[+T <: IMetric](metric: T, name: String, interval: Duration) extends Product with Serializable

    Necessary info for registering a metric in storm "interval" is period over which the metric will be aggregated

  17. trait StormSink[-T] extends Serializable

  18. sealed trait StormSource[+T] extends AnyRef

  19. case class TestStore[K, V](storeID: String, initialData: Map[K, V])(implicit evidence$4: Semigroup[V]) extends MergeableStore[K, V] with Product with Serializable

  20. class WrappedBacktypeStormConfig extends ReadableMap

  21. class WritableStoreSink[K, V] extends StormSink[(K, V)]

Value Members

  1. object BuildSummer

  2. object Constants extends OnlineDefaultConstants

    These are the storm specific constants.

  3. object Executor

  4. object FlatMapBoltProvider extends Serializable

    These are helper functions for building a bolt from a Node[Storm] element.

  5. object Producer2FlatMapOperation

    A utility for converting a series of producers into a single FlatMapOperation This simply folds through a list of producers converting them into an operation from T => Future[TraversableOnce[U]].

  6. object Storm

  7. object StormConfig

  8. object StormTestRun

  9. object TestStore extends Serializable

  10. package javaapi

  11. package option

  12. package spout

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