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Using with ktlint

Using with Kotlinter

If using kotlinter, you can specify the dependency on this set of rules by using the buildscript classpath.

buildscript {
    dependencies {
        classpath "com.twitter.compose.rules:ktlint:<version>"

Using with ktlint-gradle

Warning: This plugin doesn't currently support ktlint versions over 0.46.0, they are working to support it right now.

If using ktlint-gradle, you can specify the dependency on this set of rules by using the ktlintRuleset.

dependencies {
    ktlintRuleset "com.twitter.compose.rules:ktlint:<VERSION>"

Using with spotless

Warning: If using Spotless, there is no current way of enabling a custom ruleset like ours. You would need to use any of the alternatives listed here (like Kotlinter) to just run these rules.

Using with ktlint CLI or the ktlint (unofficial) IntelliJ plugin

The releases page contains an uber jar for each version release that can be used for these purposes.

To use with ktlint CLI:

ktlint -R ktlint-twitter-compose-<VERSION>-all.jar

You can use this same jar in the ktlint (unofficial) IntelliJ plugin if the rules are compiled against the same ktlint version used for that release. You can configure the custom ruleset in the preferences page of the plugin.

Configuring rules

Providing custom content emitters

There are some rules (twitter-compose:content-emitter-returning-values-check and twitter-compose:multiple-emitters-check) that use predefined list of known composables that emit content. But you can add your own too! In your .editorconfig file, you'll need to add a content_emitters property followed by a list of composable names separated by commas. You would typically want the composables that are part of your custom design system to be in this list.

twitter_compose_content_emitters = MyComposable,MyOtherComposable

Providing a list of allowed CompositionLocals

For compositionlocal-allowlist rule you can define a list of CompositionLocals that are allowed in your codebase.

twitter_compose_allowed_composition_locals = LocalSomething,LocalSomethingElse

Make it so that all @Preview composables must be not public, no exceptions

In preview-public-check, only previews with a @PreviewParameter are required to be non-public by default. However, if you want to make it so ALL @Preview composables are non-public, you can add this to your .editorconfig file:

twitter_compose_preview_public_only_if_params = false

Allowing matching function names

The twitter-compose:naming-check rule requires all composables that return a value to be lowercased. If you want to allow certain patterns though, you can configure a comma-separated list of matching regexes in your .editorconfig file:

twitter_compose_allowed_composable_function_names = .*Presenter,.*SomethingElse

Disabling a specific rule

To disable a rule you have to follow the instructions from the ktlint documentation, and use the id of the rule you want to disable with the twitter-compose tag.

For example, to disable compose-naming-check, the tag you'll need to disable is twitter-compose:compose-naming-check.

    /* ktlint-disable twitter-compose:compose-naming-check */
    ... your code here
    /* ktlint-enable twitter-compose:compose-naming-check */