package filter

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Type Members

  1. class AddResponseHeadersFilter extends SimpleFilter[Request, Response]
  2. class CommonLogFormatter extends LogFormatter

    Apache-style common log formatter

  3. abstract class DtabFilter[Req <: Message, Rep <: Message] extends SimpleFilter[Req, Rep]

    Delegate to the dtab contained inside of the request.

  4. class ExceptionFilter[REQUEST <: Request] extends SimpleFilter[REQUEST, Response]

    General purpose exception filter.

    General purpose exception filter.

    Uncaught exceptions are converted to 500 Internal Server Error. Cancellations are converted to 499 Client Closed Request. 499 is an Nginx extension for exactly this situation, see:

  5. class HeadFilter[Req <: Request] extends SimpleFilter[Req, Response]

    HEAD filter.

    HEAD filter. Implements HEAD by converting to a GET.

  6. class JsonpFilter[Req <: Request] extends SimpleFilter[Req, Response]

    JSONP (callback) filter

    JSONP (callback) filter

    Wrap JSON content in <callback>(<content>);


  7. trait LogFormatter extends filter.LogFormatter[Request, Response]
  8. class LoggingFilter[REQUEST <: Request] extends SimpleFilter[REQUEST, Response] with filter.LoggingFilter[REQUEST, Response]

    Logging filter.

    Logging filter.

    Logs all requests according to formatter.

  9. class MethodRequiredFilter[REQUEST <: Request] extends SimpleFilter[REQUEST, Response]

    Method required filter.

    Method required filter.

    Respond with 405 Method Not Allowed error if method not in supported method list.

  10. class StatsFilter[REQUEST <: Request] extends SimpleFilter[REQUEST, Response]

    Statistic filter.

    Statistic filter.

    Add counters: status.[code] status.[class] response_size (deprecated?) And metrics: time.[code] time.[class]

Value Members

  1. object ClientDtabContextFilter
  2. object ClientNackFilter
  3. object Cors


  4. object CorsFilter

    Adds headers to support Cross-origin resource sharing.

    Adds headers to support Cross-origin resource sharing.

    This is here for backwards compatibility. You should probably use Cors.HttpFilter directly.

  5. object DtabFilter
  6. object ExceptionFilter extends ExceptionFilter[Request]
  7. object HeadFilter extends HeadFilter[Request]
  8. object HttpNackFilter

    When a server fails with retryable failures, it sends back a NackResponse, i.e.

    When a server fails with retryable failures, it sends back a NackResponse, i.e. a 503 response code with "finagle-http-nack" header. A non-retryable failure will be converted to a 503 with "finagle-http-nonretryable-nack".

    Clients who recognize the header can handle the response appropriately. Clients who don't recognize the header treat the response the same way as other 503 response.

  9. object JsonpFilter extends JsonpFilter[Request]
  10. object LogFormatter
  11. object LoggingFilter extends LoggingFilter[Request]
  12. object MethodRequiredFilter extends MethodRequiredFilter[Request]
  13. object ServerDtabContextFilter
  14. object StatsFilter