Thrift Server Warmup

There may be occasions where we want to exercise specific code paths before accepting traffic to the server (e.g., for triggering JIT in the JVM). In this case you can implement a c.t.inject.utils.Handler and your handler should be constructed with a c.t.finatra.thrift.routing.ThriftWarmup instance.

For example, if we wanted to run an initial call through our Thrift service we could create the following handler:

import ExampleThriftController
import com.twitter.example.thriftscala.ExampleService.Add1
import com.twitter.inject.Logging
import com.twitter.inject.utils.Handler
import com.twitter.util.{Await, Return, Throw, Try}
import javax.inject.Inject

class ExampleThriftWarmupHandler @Inject()(
 warmup: ThriftWarmup)
 extends Handler
 with Logging {

  /* Should be a ClientId that is white-listed to your service. */
  private val clientId = ClientId("client123")

  override def handle() = {
    try {
        clientId.asCurrent {
            method = Add1,
            args = Add1.Args(5)) { result: Try[Add1.SuccessType] =>
              result match {
                case Return(value) => assert(value == 6, "Warmup request failed.")
                case Throw(_) => assert(false, "Warmup request failed.")
    } catch {
      case e: Throwable =>
        // Here we don't want a warmup failure to prevent server start-up --
        // this is important if your service will call downstream services
        // during warmup that could be temporarily down or unavailable.
        // We don't want that unavailability to cause our server to fail
        // warm-up and prevent the server from starting. So we simply log
        // the error message here.
        error(e.getMessage, e)
    } finally {
    info("Warm-up done.")

You can then run this handler in the warmup lifecycle method:

import DoEverythingModule
import com.twitter.finatra.thrift.ThriftServer
import com.twitter.finatra.thrift.routing.ThriftRouter
import com.twitter.finatra.thrift.filters._

object ExampleServerMain extends ExampleServer

class ExampleServer extends ThriftServer {

  override val modules = Seq(

  override def configureThrift(router: ThriftRouter): Unit = {

  override def warmup() {

The lifecycle method is called before the server’s external Thrift port is bound and thus before the TwitterServer Lifecycle Management /health endpoint responds with OK.

See here for more information on the lifecycle of a Finatra server.

More information

For more information, we encourage you to take a look at the full finatra/examples in the github source.