package logging

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Type Members

  1. final class Logger extends Serializable

    A scala wrapper over a org.slf4j.Logger.

    A scala wrapper over a org.slf4j.Logger.

    The Logger extends to support it's usage through the com.twitter.util.logging.Logging trait when the trait is mixed into a class.

  2. trait Logging extends AnyRef

    A scala-friendly Logging trait which:

    A scala-friendly Logging trait which:

    • lazily provides a logger named according to the class in which the trait is mixed
    • convenience methods to proxy calls to the lazily provided logger. These methods are explicitly call-by-name as they are mainly intended for use from Scala.
    class MyClass extends Logging {
      def foo: String = {
        info("In foo method")
        "Hello, world!"

    For more information, see util-slf4j-api/

Value Members

  1. object Logger extends Serializable

    Companion object for com.twitter.util.logging.Logger which provides factory methods for creation.

  2. object Slf4jBridgeUtility extends Logging

    A utility to safely install the slf4j-api SLF4JBridgeHandler.

    A utility to safely install the slf4j-api SLF4JBridgeHandler. The utility attempts to detect if the slf4j-jdk14 dependency is present on the classpath as it is unwise to install the jul-to-slf4j bridge with the slf4j-jdk14 dependency present as it may cause an infinite loop.

    If the SLF4JBridgeHandler is already installed we do not try to install it again.

    Additionally note there is a performance impact for bridging jul log messages in this manner. However, using the Logback LevelChangePropagator (> 0.9.25) can eliminate this performance impact.

    See also

    SLF4J: jul-to-slf4j bridge

Deprecated Value Members

  1. object Loggers

    For Java usability.

    For Java usability.


    (Since version 2020-09-30) Use com.twitter.util.logging.Logger


    Scala users see com.twitter.util.logging.Logger