A wrapper for Array[Byte] that provides sane implementations of hashCode, equals, and toString. The wrapped array of bytes is assumed to be never modified.

Note: Unfortunately we cannot make Bytes a value class because a value class may not override the hashCode and equals methods (cf. SIP-15, criterion 4).


Instead of wrapping an Array[Byte] with this class you can also convert an Array[Byte] to a Seq[Byte] via Scala’s toSeq method:

val arrayByte: Array[Byte] = Array(1.toByte)
val seqByte: Seq[Byte] = arrayByte.toSeq

Like Bytes, a Seq[Byte] has sane hashCode, equals, and toString implementations.

Performance-wise we found that a Seq[Byte] is comparable to [[Bytes]]. For example, a CMS[Seq[Byte]] was measured to be only slightly slower than CMS[Bytes] (think: single-digit percentages).

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