package coordination

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Type Members

  1. case class Shard(id: Int, node: ZNode, permit: Permit) extends ShardPermit with Product with Serializable
  2. class ShardCoordinator extends AnyRef

    A rudimentary shard/partition coordinator.

    A rudimentary shard/partition coordinator. Provides ShardPermits by lowest available ID first (linear scan).

    val shardCoordinator = new ShardCoordinator(zkClient, "/testing/twitter/service/something/shards", numShards)
    log.trace("Waiting for shard permit...")
    shardCoordinator.acquire flatMap { shard =>
      log.trace("Working as shard %d",
      { // inside some Future
        if (Hashing.consistentHash(item, numShards) == action
      } ensure { shard.release }
  3. sealed trait ShardPermit extends AnyRef
  4. class ZkAsyncSemaphore extends AnyRef

    ZkAsyncSemaphore is a distributed semaphore with asynchronous execution.

    ZkAsyncSemaphore is a distributed semaphore with asynchronous execution. Grabbing a permit constitutes a vote on the number of permits the semaphore can permit and returns a Future[Permit]. If consensus on the number of permits is lost, an exception is raised when acquiring a permit (so expect it).

    Care must be taken to handle zookeeper client session expiry. A ZkAsyncSemaphore cannot be used after the zookeeper session has expired. Likewise, any permits acquired via the session must be considered invalid. Additionally, it is the client's responsibility to determine if a permit is still valid in the case that the zookeeper client becomes disconnected.

    Attempts to clone AsyncSemaphore


    implicit val timer = new JavaTimer(true)
    val connector = NativeConnector("localhost:2181", 5.seconds, 10.minutes)
    val zk = ZkClient(connector).withRetryPolicy(RetryPolicy.Basic(3))
    val path = "/testing/twitter/service/charm/shards"
    val sem = new ZkAsyncSemaphore(zk, path, 4)
    sem.acquire flatMap { permit =>
      Future { ... } ensure { permit.release }
    } // handle { ... }

Value Members

  1. object ShardCoordinator
  2. object ZkAsyncSemaphore