package zk

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Package Members

  1. package coordination

Type Members

  1. trait AsyncCallbackPromise[T] extends Promise[T]

    Mix-in to make an AsyncCallback a Promise

  2. case class AuthInfo(mode: String, data: Array[Byte]) extends Product with Serializable
  3. class ChildrenCallbackPromise extends Promise[Children] with AsyncCallbackPromise[Children] with Children2Callback
  4. trait Connector extends AnyRef
  5. class DataCallbackPromise extends Promise[Data] with AsyncCallbackPromise[Data] with DataCallback
  6. class EventBroker extends Broker[WatchedEvent] with Watcher
  7. class EventPromise extends Promise[WatchedEvent] with Watcher
  8. class ExistsCallbackPromise extends Promise[Exists] with AsyncCallbackPromise[Exists] with StatCallback
  9. class LiftableFuture[T] extends AnyRef

    Allows Future[T] to be mapped to Future[Try[T]].

    Allows Future[T] to be mapped to Future[Try[T]]. This is particularly useful in lifting KeepereException.NoNodeExceptions for

  10. case class NativeConnector(connectString: String, connectTimeout: Option[Duration], sessionTimeout: Duration, timer: Timer, authenticate: Option[AuthInfo] = None) extends Connector with Serialized with Product with Serializable

    An Asynchronous ZooKeeper Client.

  11. sealed trait NodeEvent extends AnyRef
  12. trait RetryPolicy extends AnyRef

    Pluggable retry strategy.

  13. sealed trait ServerCnxnFactory extends AnyRef
  14. sealed trait StateEvent extends AnyRef
  15. class StringCallbackPromise extends Promise[String] with AsyncCallbackPromise[String] with StringCallback
  16. class UnitCallbackPromise extends Promise[Unit] with AsyncCallbackPromise[Unit] with VoidCallback
  17. trait ZNode extends AnyRef

    A handle to a ZNode attached to a ZkClient

  18. trait ZOp[T <: Exists] extends AnyRef

    A ZNode-read operation.

  19. trait ZkClient extends AnyRef

    An Asynchronous ZooKeeper Client API.

    An Asynchronous ZooKeeper Client API.

    A ZkClient instance is configured with settings and defaults (like a retry policy) and is attached to underlying Connector. This allows new, immutable ZkClient instances to be created with alternative settings on the same underlying Connector.

Value Members

  1. object AuthInfo extends Serializable
  2. object Connector
  3. object Event
  4. object KeeperConnectionException

    Matcher for connection-related KeeperExceptions.

  5. object LiftableFuture
  6. object NativeConnector extends Serializable
  7. object NodeEvent
  8. object RetryPolicy
  9. object ServerCnxnFactory
  10. object StateEvent
  11. object ZNode

    ZNode utilities and return types.

  12. object ZkClient